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is a specifically balanced formula of organically bound and clinically tested selenium contained within the cells of brewer's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and RRR-a-tocopherol, the most biologically active form of the vitamin E complex. In addition RRR-a-tocopherol is the natural form of vitamin E and the only a-tocopherol isomer found in nature. Each bottle contains 60 softgels, a 30 day supply. Rarely are more than two bottles needed, and often only one is sufficient.

Oscon contains no 2-ambo or all-rac isomers as are found in synthetic vitamin E, which have less vitamin E activity in the body. Oscon comes in hermetically sealed soft gelatin capsules that are easy to swallow, made to the highest pharmaceutical GMP standards, and has been proven to work since 1987. Many years of using a variety of ingredients at varying dosages has developed a product that is appropriate and safe. It should appeal to children, and their parents, because it is safe, economical and easy to take. Last, but not least, it can help reduce pain and get children back into the sports and social activities that they undoubtedly miss. Osgood-Schlatter Disease is especially found in children who excel in athletic endeavors. In other words, those bodies that are most well equipped to perform in athletic competition. The paradox here is that the extra strain that these talented children are able to put on their musculo/skeletal framework is the very cause of their pain!

Each Oscon softgel provides safe amounts of RRR-a-tocopherol and SelenoExcell™ 100% organic selenium compounds. Other ingredients are natural color, gelatin, purified water and glycerin. Oscon dissolves rapidly in the digestive tract.

Oscon may be the most significant advance yet in the treatment of Osgood-Schlatter Disease. Based upon two common micronutrients, which are actually essential for health, it offers rapid absorption, beneficial effect, complete safety and efficacy, low cost, and easy administration. Lack of compliance has been the main cause for more than one course of therapy, and the only rare side effect has been slight "upset stomach" if it is not taken with meals as directed on the label.

Save Money With PST Combo and Sleeve Paks
  • PST Sleeve Pak, 1 ea. Oscon and Neoprene OS Sleeve (Save 3.00)

    PST Orthopedic Appliances

    PST Neoprene OS Sleeve

    The PST Neoprene Osgood-Schlatter Sleeve provides maximum protection. It has an extra large foam pad to protect the tibial tuberosity, an adjustable tendon tensioning strap, and has no exposed hard parts. OK for game play.
    (measurement required, OK for games)

    PST Medium OS Strap

    The PST Fitted Osgood-Schlatter Strap is a comfortable and more convenient alternative to a full sleeve. It is easier to put on than a full pullover sleeve. A large foam pad covers and supports the vulnerable area, and 2 velcro fasteners holds it in place securely.
    (measurement required, OKs for games)

    PST Cold/Hot OS Wrap with Water Bottle

    PST Cold/Hot Osgood-Schlatter Wraps are one-size-fits all. Also work well for bruises, strains and muscle pulls on arms and legs. Will stay in place much better than any ice bag. A must for all coaches and trainers!
    (one size fits all)

    PST Narrow OS Straps - Two Models

    2. Narrow Fitted OS Strap w/o D-ring. (Measurement required, OK for games) This PST Narrow Osgood-Schlatter Strap has no hard parts and is approved for use during games. Order your size according to the chart below. It is similar to the Universal Model except that it fastens with velcro, without a D-ring, and includes pad tension adjustments on the front of the strap.

    2. Narrow Universal Fit OS Strap with D-ring. (One size fits all, OK for games) The PST Narrow Osgood-Schlatter Straps are a smaller, lighter alternative. The Universal Model fits all sizes XS through XXL. A medium foam pad covers the vulnerable area, and a D-ring/velcro fastener holds it securely in place.

    Sizing Guide (Measure Around Kneecap)
      XS S M L XL XXL
    PST Neoprene OS Sleeve 10-12" 12-14" 14-16" 16-18" 18-20" 20-22"
    PST Narrow Fitted OS Straps 12-16" S/M fits both 16-20" L/XL fits both
    PST Medium Fitted OS Straps 10-14" Order S/M 14 -18" Order L/XL

    PST Sleeves and Straps are specifically designed for use with Osgood-Schlatter, or for "jumper's knee" or patella tendonitis. They are more comfortable and therefore more effective as they are more likely to be worn when needed. They protect the tibia, and are not the same design as products designed to protect the patella. Pediatric Sports Therapy products are constructed of durable, washable, and comfortable materials.

    PST Immobilizing Brace

    In some severe cases your physician may recommend that the knee be temporarily immobilized to prevent activity that may cause further damage. The PST Knee Immobilizer is ideal for this purpose. It is easy to apply and adjust with five elastic hook & loop adjustment straps and movable stays for extra support. Made of heavy-duty 3/8" foam laminate in a one-size-fits all style that extends 8" above and below the knee. Similar braces often sell in the $60-$75 range.
    (one size fits all)

    PST Complete Kit ($85.99 - save $4.98, plus a FREE Upgrade to Priority Mail)

    1 ea. Oscon, PST Cold/Hot Wrap, & Medium OS Strap (Save $4.98).
    See descriptions above.

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