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Dear Gary,
You were so right! My son's pain was GONE in less than a week. After months of agony because we were told, "you just have to deal with it", this is truly a blessing. Using the appliances during activity and the Oscon daily is keeping him pain free. Thank you so much for all of your help, your guidance, your patience as I asked question after question, and most of all, for giving my son his life back.
Teri C., Jennings, Florida 4/24/2008

Hi Gary,
My daughter is 14, she plays softball and basketball. This is her fourth year playing ASA softball. She has been the only catcher for 3 of those years. For the last couple of years, she has complained about her knee hurting. This year, we decided to take her to the doctor before the season got going. I know you have heard this before, but I couldn't believe it, our doctor more or less told her to stop playing sports and anything that involved running, jumping etc. The doctor even told us what to do if her kneecap popped out of place. The doctor told us there wasn't anything that could be done, no kneepads, and would eventually have to get surgery if my daughter kept up her sports. By this time, as you can imagine, my daughter was pretty scared. The doctor gave us no hope, just anti-inflammatory pills, which, by the way, didn't help. We immediately came home and looked up Osgood-Schlatter disease, your page was the first one I looked at, and bought the Oscon and kneepad that night. You were so right, by the 10th day the swelling on her knee was gone. The swelling had been there so long, I thought that was just how her knee was. We ended up ordering another bottle, I should have bought 2 in the beginning, my daughter took 2 pills for two more weeks and now she just takes one. The pain in her knee is gone. This last weekend, her team played 3 games back to back; there was no pain at all. The kneepad was such a blessing. When she first got it, she noticed right away, how much protection it gave her when she caught. After practice and games, it's so nice not to hear her say how much her knee hurts. I can't tell you how much better she feels. Thank you so very much. It looks like she is going to have a pain free ball season. Yea!
Kara, Sutherlin, Oregon, 4/17/2008

Hi Gary,
I know this is a little late but this product was a miracle for my son. Within 5 days he went from limping after a game or practice to no pain in his heel at all. He has struggled with the pain for a long time and nothing else really helped.
Thanks again,
Chris P., Summerville, South Carolina 4/13/2008

Good Morning Gary,
I am Tony the track coach in Tulare CA. I just wanted to tell you that your product is awesome. It has lessened the pain in my young athlete's knees. She is running better and feeling better. She is still going to take more of your product but at least she is running better. Thank you for all your help, I will be sure to spread the word on your product throughout the Central Valley.
Tony R., Tulare, California, 4/4/2008

Hi there Gary,
I purchased some Oscon for my son and he started using it on Feb.25. Within the first 4 days he felt relief on his left knee. At the time it was only the left knee that hurt. About two weeks his right knee started hurting and when I looked at it, it had the bump as well. Today the pain in the right knee is also down but it is little bit more sore than the left.
I wanted you to know that the product is working. Although I thought it was strange that the second knee started to hurt even though he had been taking the Oscon before it started. Anyways it is working. (Comment: It is likely that he injured the other knee at the tendon insertion point. It should also respond soon.) One more question. I bought two bottles, enough for 60 days. If there is no more pain, do we discontinue at that point? Is the product good for other types of muscular inflammation? (Yes to both questions.)
Terri S., Harewood, New Brunswick, Canada 3/19/2008

Hi Gary,
My son Tim began to take OSCON about 10 days ago. When I ordered OSCON my husband said "Here we go, you've fallen for another scam!" But I didn't care because Tim, who is a keen runner and footballer, needed something. We are all amazed. The pain is gone, though as your email says the bump is still slightly tender. Thank you, I will be ordering another course to be certain of a good recovery.
Jenny M., Lambton, Australia, 3/19/2008

Hi Gary,
I have just ordered a 2nd tub, although he still seems to have pain and his lumps are very tender he is happily playing so much rugby they must be working! He's a fast tall skinny 12 year old so it's great to see him enjoying all his sport.
Best wishes,
Hazel, Bridgnorth, United Kingdom, 3/11/2008

Dear Gary,
This will be my sons second treatment of Oscon. Last year he was suffering terribly with his legs, unable to walk after football matches, being a league player and all round sportsman I took him to the doctors here in England three times and was told that he would have to stop playing sport for at least three months. We ordered your tablets and a knee support and within 10 days his knees showed a remarkable improvement. He finished his tablets over three months ago and has been playing sport ever since including Rugby, Football 3x per week, swimming and Gymnastics. This weekend is the first time his legs have started to hurt again and straight away he asked for your tablets, he has had no side effects or problems in any way and I have recommended these tablets to everyone we know as this seems to be quite a problem with boys who do a lot of sport in the age group of 12 -15 and the only cure available here in England seems to be rest according to the doctors. Harry is looking forward to his delivery with great anticipation and the hope that these tablets will relieve his pain again without a break in his training. I would like to know if there is a maximum of times that he can take these tablets. (Answer: There is no maximum time or loss of efficacy after repetitive treatment with Oscon.)
Many thanks
Jayne Drew, Bath, United Kingdom 3/10/2008

Hello Gary
We have followed your advice about the capsules and mixed them with syrup. Katie has been taking the Oscon for six weeks. As she is small for her age I have given her one capsule per day, the results have been dramatic. She could not climb the stairs at home or put any weight onto the bad knee, she is now back in light training at her athletic club and walking without a limp. We do not have to use any ice following her training and merely ensure she is warmed up and that she regularly does her stretching exercises on her legs. We are looking forward to the coming outdoor season and have ordered another supply of Oscon. Still no joy with swallowing the capsules though, we will have to keep working on that!!!
Thank you again,
Peter and Alison L., Crewe, United Kingdom, 3/6/2008

I am ordering 2 more bottles just to have in the event of a future flare-up. The product worked great for my son, and I really appreciate the time that you spent answering my questions before I purchased the first bottle.
Thanks again,
Bill - Board Certified - Personal Injury Trial Law Addison, Texas 2/29/2008

Dear Gary,
I must admit that I was a bit hesitant to try Oscon but I was at my wits end with my son's heel pain. He has been plagued with Severs on and off for 3 years now (12 year old soccer player). One week of Oscon, his pain was substantially subsided, by 2 1/2 weeks, his pain is totally gone. He has been playing futsal on a cement court in addition to outdoor soccer and has no pain at all! I am now placing my order for his second bottle along with orders for 2 other teammates.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Sue A., Holiday, Florida 2/25/2008

My daughter- Kasey- has a terrible case of Osgood-Schlatter. We thought she would not be able to play basketball at all this season. After 8 weeks of Oscon and wearing your knee braces she was able to take the court again. She continues to ice them afterwards and she has to take 2 aspirin before she plays but with all this she can play almost pain free. It really is remarkable because 3 months ago she could hardly walk. Her team is happy to have her back because she is extremely fast and leads them in steals. This will not be the last order you receive from Traverse City! I have already told 2 parents about you.
Thank you- Kristi A., Michigan 2/19,2008

This product worked wonderfully taking a full week for noticable improvement but less than the 30 days for major improvement. We were delighted. My son has pain laterally now and still very painful bumps. It has been 3 months since he completed the first supply. We are anxious for the second trial and the results.
Leane S., Tigard, Oregon 2/15/2008

This is my second order of Oscon from your company. Along with icing and physical therapy your product has greatly reduced the pain caused by Osgood-Schlatter in my 12 year old son. I definitely believe your product is helping.
Thank you,
Bill W., East Wenatchee, Washington 1/30/2008

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