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Gary, re feedback, my son has recently completed the monthly Oscon course and I have to say that it appears to have been successful. He is no longer wearing the knee support and has certainly stopped complaining, thanks for your input.
Dave B., Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom, 12/19/2005

My first bottle of oscon my 10 year old daughter was taken with little results. But it wasn't until the 30 days were up that I realized that she was not taking them as directed! (She still had about 15 left in the bottle). I then ordered a second bottle and kept a close eye on her schedule of taking the supplement. It worked great. At about day 9 she said her knees were feeling better. On day 15 she had another practice and came home and when I asked her how she felt she smiled and said she hadn't even thought about her knees at practice. Keep in mind that her problem has been ongoing for over a year. My 13 year old son hit a growth spurt at the beginning of basketball season and started having the same problem. I ordered again and have had the same outstanding results with no interruptions in either of their seasons.
Curt T., Bluff City, Tennessee, 12/13/2005

Thought you would like to hear that after my daughter had taken the first course of tablets her knee was much better, she hardly ever mentioned it. She is still able to carry on with her sports with little pain. The "bump" has gone down but hasn't disappeared. She is still taking one tablet a day. Thank you very much for your help.
D. L., Ipswich, U.K. 11/30/2005

I have been wanting to send this to you but I am still in awe of your product! I don’t know if people really believe testimonials but I want to praise and have given praises to your product-My son couldn’t jump. He is a basketball player and his Osgood was hindering him from playing-we ordered only 1 bottle (per your request) he took it and he is better than ever! He may be able to get a sports scholarship and I owe it all to you
Alicia C., Stockton, California, 11/29/2005

Hi Gary,
I had asked Jake (my grandson's) doctor if this was okay to take and she gave the go ahead. He has not been complaining as much about the pain so it really seems to be working. He is very conscientious about taking his Oscon 2X a day so it must be working for him as he tends to forget other things that he is supposed to take or do! :) Thanks!
Peggy S., Roseville, Minnesota, 11/18/2005

I recently ordered some Oscon tablets and a knee brace for my 15 year old son, who has been in constant pain for over 12-months now. He has been on the Oscon tablets for nearly 2 weeks now and has not had any pain during this time, whilst continuing to be very active in sport. Quite amazing really. The purpose of this email is to pass on our thanks (so far touch wood), and to ask whether or not this treatment needs to continue for any set period of time. We ordered one months supply of tablets initially. I await your reply. Thanks again.
David B., Victoria, Australia, 11/14/2005

Subject: Oscon shipment
We noticed improvement very quickly! Our 13 year old plays basketball and was in severe pain. He wears bands under the knees now and with the Oscon, hasn't had any problems at all for the last few weeks! We will continue on the once a day for the next month. We're so happy to have found your product on-line!
Wednesday, November 09, 2005 11:13 AM, Elizabeth C.

Don’t know if you remember me or not… sold me a couple of bottles of OSCON and some knee straps for my 12 year old daughter about a year ago. Believe I gave you some initial feedback earlier in the year…..but wanted to follow up again. First: Her knees are GREAT. The second dose put an END to the problems. Second: Her knee straps have helped, but, they’ve almost become a signature item for her. Lots of kids have wanted to know how to get “those cool knee pads.” Sending you a picture of her in action, with her knee strap. Bottom line: Your product made the difference for my kid. Her school basketball season concluded just last night and she helped lead the team to a 14 – 1 record!

Thank you again!
LtCol Chuck O., Yorktown, Virginia, 11/8/2005

Hi Gary,
My 12 year old son Jason plays baseball at a very competitive level and was almost unable to play last summer due to the pain in his knee from Osgood-Schlatters. Just wanted to let you know that the Oscon and Knee strap worked very well to relieve the pain in Jason’s knee and allowed him to continue playing baseball. It took 30 days of treatment for him to be able to run pain free. He had no problems for the rest of the summer and even now (5 months later) he continues to be pain free, plays volleyball on the school team and is involved in many other activities. Thank you for your assistance.
Dianne F., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 11/6/2005

Mr. Nelson,
Thank you so much for your quick reply. My 11 year old son took Oscon for his extremely painful Osgood-Schlatter and after 5 or 6 days, he was running normally and playing football again. I will begin giving my daughter Oscon today!!! Her shin splints are severe....they bring her to tears when she runs, cheers, jumps and especially when she lands out of her tumbling passes. I will e-mail you with her results.
Thanks again,
Teena S., Texas, 10/28/2005

Hi Gary

My son David (osgood - judo player) has just finished his 2nd month of OSCON - I am personally going to contact every physio in my area and give them your details. He is now "95%" better and competed in his first competition since the beginning of the summer. What an amazing transformation! As he still has some pain when he kneels and "drops" (judo), thought it might be useful to do another month - can't imagine it would do any harm?
Dawn D., United Kingdom, 10/24/2005

Dear Gary,
My name is Chris and I have a son that lives for playing sports. He stays active in different types of sports year around and is very competitive. About a year ago he began to experience knee pain and progressively worsened. Being a physical therapist I treated him conservatively with routine stretches and modalities. Some weeks ago he was sidelined from football with increased pain that prevented him from normal walking. At that point I began to treat him vigorously to decrease his pain and keep his pain to a minimum. I discovered your Oscon product and ordered a 60 day supply and my son was able to get out to the field again with minimal pain in just 10 days. We just finished the 60 day supply and he has no pain with running. The only discomfort he experiences is palpation on the tibial tuberosity. The typical lump on the knee has also shrunk. I just wanted to say thank you for a great product.
Chris A., Drexel Hill PA, 10/24/2005

Hi Gary
My soccer-playing 14 year old son has suffered from O-S since February and we have just ordered a second bottle of Oscon. Michael had a text book recovery after starting Oscon - it was unbelievable. The second bottle is just to cover the occasional twinge he still has after a hard game/practice.
Anne Marie, Torbay, New Zealand, 10/16/2005

Thank you. This is my son's second bottle. The first one has worked significantly and is getting him through soccer season. He still has some minor pain but nothing near what he had been experiencing before Oscon. We're hoping the second bottle will continue to mark more improvements and get him through basketball season. Then he should have enough reserve built up to carry him through his growth spurt, we hope. If not, we know where to get more. Thank you so much for this miracle.
Ann W., 10/7/2005

Dear Gary - The Oscon definitely seems to be helping our son. We have seen improvement over the past few weeks. I am very grateful to you because we went to two different doctors, and they offered no solutions. I even checked into acupuncture, which won't do much either. What do you think about Pilates?
Judy D. 9/28/2005

Although we were truly skeptical for the first 20 days or so, I must now admit that it appears that one bottle of Oscon did in fact do the trick. My son has not complained once since completing his regimen of Oscon and that includes making it through football camp and thus far into the 3d game of the season.
Marc H., Lebanon, PA 9/23/2005

Dear Gary, I have to say that the results on my son’s knee have been fantastic. After 5 days the pain had gone and the lump. He will of course take the full course of tablets, but he is now back in full time training, with no reaction at all. I would like to thank you for the help and advice you have given us, to date.
I have another son who is now 20 years old, and has also suffered from the same thing, and he still gets pain in his knees. Do you think a course of Oscon would benefit him, or is it too late? Any help on that one would be appreciated.
Kind Regards,
Harry S., Warrick, United Kingdom 9/22/2005

Good morning: My name is Joan J. and my granddaughter, who is 14, and very involved in sports, has been diagnosed with osgood schlatter disease. I decided to go on line to read what it was all about and after reading it passed the information on to my daughter and her husband. They made a decision to order oscon and give it a try. They did check with a pharmacist to make sure it was safe to take. My granddaughter was in a lot of pain and was worried that her athletic days were over. After one week she is pain free and has been attending basketball practices, and cross country running. We cannot believe it actually worked. There are so many products out there that profess to be a cure-all , therefore we were very skeptical and really felt that this probably would not work, but we were desperate.
I cannot tell you how pleased we are and are just hoping this keeps up. I will keep you updated on how it is going. We will give this a little more time and then will feel obligated to pass this important information on to other athletes who are experiencing the same problem. How can we ever thank you.
Joan J., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada 9/12/2005

She went back to gymnastics last Weds. She had no complications at all. I swear to you that this is a miracle drug. I am so pleased with this product, that if you need any more testimonials I will be glad to speak up. I am so thankful for your product and for Donna in WV. I called her with a million questions and she answered them all. Thank you again for your concern.
Rhonda G., Ohio, 9/11/2005

Thank you so much. Less than a week after starting your tablets my son's 'lump' has almost gone. Wearing your support he managed a whole 90 minutes on pitch in a mush league football match. He didn't limp once! He is now returning to the fun loving sporty boy he was previous to developing osgood schlatter. It's a shame Oscon isn't more freely available in the UK. I have informed both my doctors and the PE staff at the school which i teach at of your products and web site.
Many thanks
Debi C., Margate, UK 9/7/2005

Wow! Is all I can say, TWO days after taking the Oscon the pain in his knees which was deadly close to ending Shane’s football season stopped. He is running very, very hard. Maybe the hardest I’ve seen from him. He is the starting halfback at the Jr. High level here in St Marys PA
Thank you,
Rick K., 8/30/2005

Thank you! We are looking forward to receiving the Oscon. I KNOW it has helped because the pain she was in before taking it was making her limp and she was completely unable to run. Now she has virtually no limitations. And she is in no way done growing (I am 5'8" and my husband is 6'1") and she is only about 5'2" so far.
Janet F., California, 8/27/2005

Hi Gary:
My daughter is about to complete the first 30 day treatment of Oscon. There has been a tremendous difference in pain and mobility. The pain when the bump is pressed has decreased greatly but not completely. We check it by me placing pressure on the area until she feels a zap of pain. To consider OS disease healed does that pain they feel on the bump eventually go or does it linger until they so call grow out of it ? I ordered a second bottle. Do I continue to give Oscon to her until the tenderness in the bump area is completely gone or do I give her one a day to control any possible reoccurrence of inflammation ? Please let me know. Thanks.
P.S. So far it appears to be working great for her. She was able to complete her summer league basketball season with just a little discomfort at the end of the games. The discomfort did not last that long. We would ice it for a few minutes when we got home. She is now moving on to tryouts for the traveling softball team. She's excited because she can now bend down to get the ball. This past spring she was unable to do it during the regular season. When she tried to push herself to do it she had tremendous discomfort and pain. I'm hoping Oscon keeps on healing her knees. So far it has been the best thing for her knees. Running has become easier too; she does still have discomfort at times.
Please let me know your opinions. Thanks Again.
Richard D. Manahawkin, NJ 8/23/2005

Believe it or not, the lost shipment just arrived in our PO Box today. We refused it so it should be coming back your way. My son's knee is much better. In fact, his U-13 boys soccer team just won the state soccer championship in Alaska! His performance was a marked difference from his limping around at the Diadora soccer tournament in Redmond, Washington in July. Thank you for your great product and your assistance in getting the second order to us.
Tom L. Alaska, 8/22/2005

Hi Gary...
I just left you a voice mail regarding my son and the progress ( I'm a bit scared to write " healing " ) that he has made over the last 4 months.
I still remember the day he woke up from sleeping on the sofa and said that his knees were bothering him. It happened to be in the middle of his Travel Basketball season which did concern us. Two weeks later we sat and listened as the Orthopedics' Assistant told us that Brian had Osgood-Schlatter and there was " nothing" that we could do. However He should not stop his activities. Easier said than done. After giving him Advil's before every game or practice I felt like one of the Trainer's from the old North Dallas Forty film which starred the Country Singer whose name escapes me. ( Mac Davis - a short senior moment )
Anyhow I was surfing the web and I came upon your website ( for the second time ) and I trusted what you told me and purchased Oscon. Within two months Brian's knees began to not hurt him as he walked around but if he fell on them they would hurt still . At last I could see some Progress !!! Then at the beginning of his Spring Basketball season he fell down and came away with a foot injury. This injury actually was a "heel" injury and the Foot Doctor who happens to be next door to my office ( FREE consultation ) smiled at me and said some kind of " disease " . Again I looked on the web and saw that it was indeed called " Sever's Disease ". Another call to you Gary and you said " keep on keeping on " with the Oscon. OK we did ( for another 2 months or so ) but the moment we hoped for seemed to appear just last week.
Basically when the Sever's kicked in I said to Brian that B_Ball is over for the time being. This led to a discovery of Golf for my son. I was happy because I kind of revived my game a little and we really had some great times together this summer on the course as well as the driving range. This leads me to the moment last week as we were " hurrying " to finish a golf game as darkness set in. Brian was walking briskly from the green and then jogging to the golf cart so we could try to get one more hole in. I overheard his mumble to himself that it felt weird to jog and not feel pain. I asked if his heel was feeling better and he gave me that 12 and a half year old kid response "YEAH" .
Well, with 7th grade Football 2 weeks away Gary, we started a jogging / light sprinting program and Brian has not uttered one complaint about his Knees or his Heel. Thanks Again Gary for bringing Oscon to the marketplace....the top Docs out there say you cannot do anything about these younger folks “growing problems”. But I know that my young guy was helped by Oscon !!!
Regards....Paul in Pennsylvania, 8/22/2005

I'm a present customer of yours and I've purchased the Oscon and the OS Short Sleeve. I think we need to purchase another bottle of the Oscon. My son didn't take the Oscon in the last bottle regularly. He says his knee feels better though. Now that he's into football season, I'm wondering if I need to purchase the Open Patella Sleeve. Could you please advise on this? He has mentioned that the OS Short Sleeve does fall down etc. during practice. Perhaps it's from the sweat and the contact of football. The Short Sleeve was just wonderful during baseball season. He's a running back and a linebacker so he's in contact on nearly every play.
Anyway, I would sincerely appreciate your advice and I will purchase accordingly. Answer: The OP Full sleeve would be better for football, and he probably should take a second bottle to eliminate the OSD. Thanks so much for making great products!! :)
Kerri C., BGS University, Ohio, 8/20/2005

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the Oscon. It's been like night & day since he has started taking it. He has made a week of practice without having to stop due to the pain. Thanks so much, it's been a miracle.
Robert H. Pennsylvania, 8/20/2005

Dear Gary,
About 2 years ago, my daughter Jacqui was suffering with sore knees after a game of basketball. We went to our local Doctor who told her to rest and probably not play until it felt better. Try telling that to a young girl who was in representative teams and enjoying playing. Anyway I decided to search the internet, and that is when I found Oscon. Jacqui began taking these tablets and within 2 weeks was feeling remarkably better and running more freely. Now 2 years later, Jacqui has had another growth spurt (huge growth spurt) and with training and playing fixture games and representative games taking up most of her week, the pain is beginning to come back slightly. With the result we had last time, I have again ordered Oscon in the hope that it will ease her problem again.
Thanks, Judy Z. Queensland, Australia 8/5/2005

Thanks for such a great product! Here's our story so far:
My 11 1/2 year-old daughter has been a gymnast for six years. She is heading into her fifth season as a competitive gymnast. About 10 months ago, she started developing pain below her knee when she would run down the vault track or tumble hard on the floor exercise. We started with ice therapy pre-post practice, cautioned her coaches not to push her through the intense pain, disallowed any deep-knee bending and bought her a Cho-pat brace for patellar tendinitis to wear during practice.
Taylor practices 16-18 hours a week, year-round, so it was becoming a problem. Gymnastics is not a sport where a kid can "take a break" for long without losing skills and flexibility. It was getting to the point that she couldn't do more than three tumbling passes in a practice without having to sit out due to intense pain...not good. Eventually, the issue became the same with both knees.
My husband, a chiropractor certified in pediatrics and sport's chiropractic, first thought it to be patellar tendinitis, but very quickly changed the diagnosis to Osgoods. Our healthcare philosophy does not have room for ibuprofen to attempt a reduction in swelling. Exercises to strengthen the hamstrings (notoriously weak in gymnasts in comparison to their well-developed quads), chiropractic adjustments of the spine/knee/ankle joints, lots of ice, the brace, and heat-before/ice-after practice were only producing minimal results. I spent some time on the internet researching Osgoods to find that we were already doing everything "out there" with the exception of your supplement.
Since it is all-natural and contains no drug components, we were willing to give it a try. We were feeling as though Taylor had a major case of Osgoods and her future as a gymnast was questionable since she was only 11 and experiencing such difficulty at the younger side of the age spectrum for Osgoods.
We started your supplement and within a week, Taylor said that it seemed there was less inflammation following her four-hour practices. After two weeks, much of the pain had diminished during and after practices; she was able to tumble with minimal pain but without limiting herself. We are approaching four weeks and she still has a little bit of pain and a little bit of swelling following activity, but now only wears a Cho-pat during her vault runs and during actual tumbling skills. I've ordered two more bottles: one for the 2nd 30-day course and the other as a "just-in-case-we-need-a-maintenance-dosage" bottle.
QUESTION: Taylor has no interest in leaving this sport. She had not begun to menstruate (competitive gymnasts are often late in their development), but has shown beginning signs of the onset of puberty. SO........would you anticipate the recurrence of Osgoods symptoms AND the need to enter into other 30/60-day course of supplementation over the next few years until she emerges from puberty if she stays active in the sport? The gymnastics skills only get tougher and harder on the body with increased ability......
Thanks, Gary. I'll be telling other parents at our gym about your supplement. It's also something that my husband may begin to utilize in his chiropractic practice in combination with adjustments.
~Donna H., West Virginia, 8/1/2005

Hi Gary,
Have had great results with the Oscon on my 12 year old son. It has certainly taken away the knee pain during any running activities and especially his soccer. He is about 3 weeks into the bottle and i am wondering whether he should continue on after the completion of this bottle, maybe a lower dose? We are traveling to the U.K. in 2 weeks and my son is going to be training with an English Club (so rather intense i imagine) and i am worried if he finishes this course before we leave that the pain may start again while we are away! What would you advise?
I look forward to hearing from you.
Thanks again.
Claire M., Perth, Western Australia 7/29/2005

I thought I would give you some feedback from someone in the UK that was quite skeptical that this could work and worried about ordering something over the internet and from the US. I can only say that after 10 days my son noticed a considerable reduction in pain and is practically pain free with only a few days left to go of the first course. Absolutely amazing results to both his Osgood-Schlatter and Severs Disease. THANK YOU.
I shall certainly be recommending this to friends whose children are also suffering. My son has also shown no reluctance to take the tablets and has reminded me to give him one if I have forgotten - he obviously appreciates the benefits they are bringing.
My son has a football tournament this weekend, with up to 6 matches to play, so it will be interesting to see if he suffers any pain. I have just ordered the second 30 day supply for him to take one a day to build up his reserves.
Once again, thank you.
Debbie Wood, 7/19/2005

Thank you for sending my son the second bottle, I believe it did the job. He has not complained of any pain, since finishing the second treatment. I just wanted you know that it worked. Thank you very much, from the bottom of our hearts.
A believer, Monica R., Texas, 7/10/2005

We have talked on the phone a few times. I have a 15 year old son that used to have ischial apophysitis. As a result of being directed to your product through a lot of praying for wisdom about what to do for my son, Oscon was the answer. Now, my 12 year old son is plagued by a heel condition. I am not sure if it is Severs. However, I ordered Oscon for him to see if it helps. I know that if it is Severs, it will help him. If it is not Severs, I know it won’t hurt him. The cost of the product is much less than a doctor visit, especially when all they will have him do is stretch his calves. THANK YOU for your development of this product as my 15 year old son’s baseball season was saved because of taking this product. I have all the confidence in you and your product (Oscon).
Bob M., Indiana, 7/4/2005

I received my first supply of Oscon Tablets approx. one month ago and my twelve year old son began to take them.
He has reported a definite improvement in the pain in his knee and has continued with his soccer and athletics although he has cut down on his activities!! (He could normally do two or three different sports in one day, perhaps ¾ hours of training!!) He ices the knee as soon as possible after each training session or activity, and all was going well, until this weekend when he started to complain about a pain in his knee again, rather than stiffness, which was his most recent symptom. However he did play his last soccer match for the season this weekend and his team won the cup, after extra time, so it was a pretty strenuous game. I intend to order a second supply of Oscon this evening so hopefully he is on the mend!!!
Many thanks for your help and advice.
Siobhan D., Ireland, 6/13/2005

We used your product about 2 years ago with great success. My daughter used the 2-a-day regimen for about 2 months during a growth spurt (about 4” in 6 months) and then 1 per day the third month and no complaints of pain thereafter. In the past week or two, she is complaining of pain again. I think she is experiencing another growth spurt. We are counting on Oscon to work as it did in the past. Thanks for a great product.
Craig N., New Mexico, 6/10/2005

Dear Gary,
Thank you so much for your website regarding Osgood-Schlatter. My 10 y/o Granddaughter Taryn noticed much improvement in her pain with the first week of starting Oscon. She plays on a traveling competitive fast-pitch softball team and we are “AMAZED” at the difference in her. We honestly thought she was going to have to quit playing. I ordered a second bottle for our security which we will reduce to 1 a day. Again we sincerely thank you! When Taryn was diagnosed we were told there was nothing that could be done for her and that she would probably have to quit sports all together until she out grows this.
We are so happy to have found Oscon and you will never know how much we appreciate you!
Thank You & God Bless
Millie, Boonville Indiana, 6/5/2005

Hello Gary,
My son, Ryan, has finished his second month of Oscon, and we wanted you to know that the results have been no less than miraculous. He had been to the point where his heels were causing him such pain, that he could not run or play soccer. While he continues to experience “a little” discomfort during a soccer game, it does not slow him down.
My question is this. He is headed to Brazil on June 16 for 10 days of straight soccer. Do you recommend a third course of Oscon, or should the residual effect carry him through? Is there any danger in continuing to take the supplement?
Thank you.
Barbara K., Colorado, 6/3/2005

Dear Gary-
I want to “Thank you” for the 2nd bottle of Oscon! Half way thru it, my daughter no longer complained of that knee and wanted to stop taking the Oscon. She even started practicing her gymnastics again. Her other knee still bothers her when active. We did see a new doctor and I wasn’t impressed at all. The doctor did not even look at where the pain was and said she has pain because of OS and needs to quit softball. The doctor did put her on an anti-inflammatory again and told her she should focus on gymnastics and see another doctor after she competes at Nationals in June if she still has some pain. We have not seen a “bump” on the other knee yet. I even mentioned to the doctor to check for “flat feet” like you suggested, but she didn’t feel it was necessary. We still need to figure out the 2nd knee, but I am so relieved to see the 1st knee is doing ok. It is wonderful to see my daughter back in some things without the “tears” and the “pain of walking” after an activity. Hopefully we can figure out the 2nd knee too! Thank you for everything you have done!
Darcey R. in Iowa, 6/2/2005

Hi Gary!
Kaley has been taking the Oscon for about 10 days. She played 3 soccer games in a tournament over the weekend. She hasn’t been able to play in any long tournaments for the last 6 months. Yes, after your phone call, I was inspired. She is getting better. I can’t wait for the 30 day mark, because it seems like she is on track to feeling better just like you said. I am so thankful for your personal phone call and care. We have felt so down about her knees. Kaley is really excited since LPT’s are in a few weeks and she will be able to get through some long soccer weekends thanks to you and your help. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring enough to call me. ………..She has had some acid reflux in the mornings, but, she gets that easily……... She is very sensitive to so much and it’s been great having no side effects just like you said.
I will keep you posted at the 30 day mark. And I am already telling people and they are waiting to see how Kaley does, then you will probably have more thankful people contacting you in the future! Thanks so much again, if you wouldn’t have called I don’t know if I would have tried Oscon or not. You are an awesome gift to us from heaven above!!!
Julie A., Bellevue, WA, 5/23/2005

Hello Gary,
Sam has been taking OSCON for 12 days now and there has been a definite improvement - he says its feeling better everyday. Although he hasn’t played any sport yet - we have decided not start soccer yet, as they are coming up to a 2 week break in the season (for our school holidays) so thought he would start after that. But he did go for a long bike ride on the weekend and his knee only ached a little for a couple of hours afterwards, compared to aching a lot for a few days when he did the same ride about a month ago.
I wasn’t sure whether to order a second bottle or not - I am thinking probably yes, as his OS was quite severe in the early stages?
I was also wondering how he was likely to go when he starts back at athletics in October - as Sam is a high jumper and Hurdler and the OS is in his take off knee, and I am worried all the stress on his knee might bring the OS back - have you had any success stories from other jumpers? (A. Yes, especially gymnasts.)
Jane McF., Hobart, Australia, 5/16/2005

My daughter is 13 and finishing up her 7th grade year. She has been very active all her life, having danced since the age of 2, played soccer from 4 to 10, and basketball the past few years. This year she was a cheerleader and played volleyball, basketball and ran track, all for her Jr. High. Less than a week into basketball season she began to complain of pain in left knee that exactly matched to symptoms of OS. A few days later she began to complain of a similar pain in her right knee. Having experienced a light case of OS myself as a teen, I began to research treatments, hoping to find that something better than RICE had been developed in the past 30 years. I was excited to read about Oscon and immediately ordered a bottle for my daughter. Even so, I must admit that my expectations were not too high. I simply hoped for some decrease in her symptoms. Imagine my excitement and surprise when she described a noticeable decrease in pain in less than a week. Within a second week her pain was completely gone! It is now the middle of May and even though she competed in the high jump and hurdles she has had no recurrence of OS.
Thanks a million! My daughter has had a very successful year and, more importantly, she has been able to enjoy it without the pain of OS.
Philip R., Arlington, TX 5/14/2005

What do you think about the continued use of Oscon? Would you recommend a break in the therapy? What is the usually the result when not on it? We have had such a great success with we are at the end of a one month therapy and are nervous to quit taking it?
Sharlene L., Utah 5/13/2005
My answer:
There are no problems with continuing use that I have experienced in 18 years of using the ingredients used in Oscon. The US NIH has published a “Upper Safe Levels” chart (see below) and Oscon is well within those guidelines. Selenium toxicity is rare in the U.S. The few reported cases have been associated with industrial accidents and a manufacturing error that led to an excessively high dose of selenium in a supplement [63,64]. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences has set a tolerable upper intake level (UL) for selenium at 400 micrograms per day for adults to prevent the risk of developing selenosis [12]. Table 4 lists ULs for selenium, in micrograms per day, for infants, children, and adults.

Table 4: Tolerable Upper Intake Levels for selenium for infants, children, and adults [12]
Age Males and Females (µg/day)
0 - 6 months 45
7 - 12 months 60
1-3 y 90
4-8 y 150
9-13 y 280
14-18 y 400
19 y +400

The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine has set an upper tolerable intake level (UL) for vitamin E at 1,000 mg (1,500 IU) for any form of supplementary alpha-tocopherol per day. Based for the most part on the result of animal studies, the Board decided that because vitamin E can act as an anticoagulant and may increase the risk of bleeding problems this UL is the highest dose unlikely to result in bleeding problems.

Table 4 lists the Tolerable Upper Intake Levels (UL) of vitamin E in mg ATE and IUs for children and adults (1 mg ATE vitamin E = 1.5 IU). A UL for vitamin E for infants up to 12 months of age has not been established.
Age (years) Males (mg/day) Females (mg/day) Pregnancy (mg/day) Lactation (mg/day)
1-3 200
(=300 IU)
(=300 IU)
4-8 300
(=450 IU)
(=450 IU)
9-13 600
(=900 IU)
(=900 IU)
14-18 800
(=1,200 IU)
(=1,200 IU)
(=1,200 IU)
(=1,200 IU)
19-70 1,000
(=1,500 IU)
(=1,500 IU)
(=1,500 IU)
(=1,500 IU)
> 70 1,000
(=1,500 IU)
(=1,500 IU)
(=1,500 IU)
(=1,500 IU)

Although one month is likely to have solved the problem in about 80% of cases, if you would like to increase the chances to over 95%, you could use another (or MANY more) with no hazard. Some parents have ordered a second bottle and use it at the “maintenance” dose of 1/day. Then it will last 2 months. That is probably all that is needed. The condition may return in a few months, but that is the rare exception. If there is no pain during activity, there is no reason to continue at 2/day. The “bump” may stay tender for some time, however.
Gary Nelson
Pediatric Sports Therapy

My son is now 18 and everyone told me that he couldn’t have Osgood-Schlatter but all symptoms were indicative of this disease. He has been taking your medication for almost a month now and is doing very well. He is on a High School team. Region III Team and Competitive team so he never rests. We are doing the second month as suggested and hopefully this will clear him completely.
Thank you!
Jackie B. 5-11-2005

OKLAHOMA MOM 5/04/2005

This will be the 3rd bottle of Oscon that I have purchased for my son’s knee problem. Up to this point and not knowing what it would be like without the supplement, his prognosis has been very favorable. His ability to play catcher and squat for a length of time has gone from none, to an inning with pain, to as many as four innings twice per week with a minimal amount of discomfort after the game and the following day. His running and jumping is also gotten better. His pitching and landing on the front left leg with bending and slight twisting is done without a problem. We have no idea what it would be like without the supplement and can only compare it to a few kids of the same age that have a similar problem. This all happening within the last four months. Gary, my only question to you is how long should he stay on the supplement? All is very favorable and in fact my son feels that if it was not for Oscon we probably would not be this far ahead of the game.

Oscon has helped Kaden so much we are spreading the word. Thanks for your help !
Sharlene L., 5/3/2005

I just wanted to respond back that we have been THRILLED with the results of the OSCON. My 12 year-old daughter is very active in sports and has been complaining of this knee pain for over a year. We thought we were going to have to just suffer in pain until she outgrew it. I finally did some research on the Internet and came across your website. I felt that the OSCON was worth a try. Every week I would ask on a scale from 1-10 how her knee felt and every week it has gotten better and better. She has completed the 30 day supply and as your email states still has a painful bump but at least she is able to compete in her sports relatively pain-free. I have already sent your website address to several other moms whose kids seem to be having the same problem. My husband is a junior high coach and has been impressed with the results also. He intends to recommend this to his young athletes who are also having the same problems.
Thanks again!!
T.J.B., San Angelo, TX 4/28/2005

Please accept this letter with many thanks.
My 13 year old son suffered from Osgood-Schlatter. An internet search showed Oscon as a potential cure. Your product did exactly as you suggested. Reduction of pain within 2 weeks. Elimination of all symptoms just after 4 weeks. As a highly competitive young athlete, Graeme is now able to compete without pain in hockey and baseball and his favorite pastime (which he had to give up due to pain) skateboarding. In fact according to the chiropractor and physiotherapist that saw him, they figure that was the main cause of the pain as it was on one leg more than the other. I would highly recommend your product to anyone looking to help their children become pain free through safe and effective means.
All the best to you and your company!
Glen M., Vice President
Canada M2J 5B8

Hi Gary,
I just wanted to give you an update on my daughters OSD. All discomfort appears to have gone with no pain when the “bump” is pressed. Amy was in considerable discomfort before taking the Oscon. I think the pain began to ease after 10 days and by the time she’d taken the entire first 30 days supply the discomfort had gone, It’s now been three weeks since she finished with no further recurrence of pain.
The soccer season is ramping up here in Canada and she is training several times a week now with no ill affects. Thank you!
Rick C., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada 4/26/2005

Gary Nelson,
You mentioned that you would like feedback. My daughter plays competitive basketball and competitive soccer. She developed Osgood-Schlatters several years ago and took Oscon which really helped her. She recently developed shin splints which were very painful. I thought Oscon might help with inflammation and healing. On the fifth day of taking Oscon, she noticed a marked decrease in pain. She is on her tenth day of taking Oscon now. I thought you might like to know that the Oscon helped with shin splints as well.
Vicki J. 4/22/2005

My 13 year old son was diagnosed with OS by our Orthopedist last fall at the end of their championship Regional soccer tournament and said to treat it with ice and strengthening and stretching and that he would basically have to grow out of it. He could barely walk after the four game tournament. We ordered Oscon, knowing that Area championships were coming up in a month hoping that he would get some relief and be able to play in at least half a game. In two weeks he felt incredibly better and by the Area tournament he was able to play in all four games with only minimal pain. By the time the Tri-Section tournament came around he had no pain. He is also the catcher for his U-14 baseball team and has had no problems during the current season. I highly recommend your product and will inform our Orthopedist about our success.
Scott P., Mission Viejo, CA, 4/19/2005

Dear Gary:
Our son, David, has been suffering for quite some time from Osgood-Schlatter. He is 15 years old and is very active, playing both varsity basketball and sophomore baseball. He is playing one or both of these sports all year long. His knee pain really became unbearable during this past basketball season. We tried everything before trying Oscon. Friends of ours had the same problem with one of their sons and used Oscon successfully. We researched the product as much as possible before allowing David to take it, even asking our family doctor about it. The doctor said ‘fine’, so we used an unopened bottle from our friends and then ordered more.
Bottom line is…David took Oscon twice per day for 6 weeks. He began feeling better during basketball while taking the Oscon. The season ended while he was finishing up his 6 weeks of taking the pills—he is now involved in baseball. He says his knees feel great, other than when you push on the bumps below his kneecaps. Early in the basketball season, like November of 2004, he could barely walk up and downstairs in our house without putting most of his weight on the railing. It is great to see him feeling so much better now. My wife and I just wanted to give you feedback on this product, as I am sure it benefits you to hear about results. I would recommend it to anyone with similar problems. By the way, there were also no side effects at all that we could tell. I hope this information is helpful to you. Thank you for a great product!
Jeff and Peggy W., Huntley, IL, 3/30/2005

Jake finished the bottle of Oscon and it definitely worked for him. He did notice the bump didn’t hurt after only a few days. He’s going to be 13 soon and is very active. He plays basketball almost everyday for at least an hour. We know the remedy for Osgood is partially to go easy on that joint during this time. It’s seems impossible for Jake so Oscon has been a great help. Thank you so much! We’ll be placing more orders as needed and sharing our experience with other parents who may have a similar need.
Marc and Nancy M., Flowermound, TX, 3/30/2005

Hey Gary,
I have ordered a second course for my daughter who is a gymnast and has Severs. She is doing much better with her heels, she still ices every night and where her tuli’s heel guards for practice, but the difference in the pain is practically gone. She was to the point that she could hardly walk after practice, to coming home and questioning whether she should still ice or not. One of the main reasons for the second dose is she is also having Osgood-Schlatter signs in one knee. She is 12 ½ and has about a 2 inch growth period over the past 3-4 months. I have waited until now to discuss this product with any of the other parents to make sure it was working. Thank you again for your “miracle” cure.
Lori C., Springfield OH, 3/29/2005

Mr. Nelson,
Oscon has been the best thing for my son. We can’t believe it. He has Osgood-Schlatter’s. He’s almost 15 and this last six months has been really hard on him. I didn’t find out about Oscon until I just went surfing the internet and thought we would try it. It’s been a miracle. He plays high school soccer and soccer for a club team so he is in pain a lot. But NO more.
I just ordered his 2nd bottle and received your message on shipping. I will look forward to him not having to take it but we will see what happens then.
There was another guy on his soccer team that has it also and has been in a lot of pain too. We told him about Oscon and they ordered some and couldn’t believe it either. I was so happy for him and glad it worked for him since we told them about Oscon.
I just want to say “THANK YOU” for this. It has made his life easier and able to keep playing soccer which he loves. Also, I hated to see him hurting which any parent would. If you need to put any of this message on your website - you have my permission. Keep up the great work.
Vicky Mauldin. Edmond OK, 3/23/2005

Dear Gary,
Zachary has 9 days of Oscon left to take. His knees are much better, actually there is a huge improvement and they are not sore to the touch anymore. He says that they are a little sore sometimes after playing volleyball but nothing like before. He is also biking again and biked about 15-20 km. yesterday and his knees felt fine.
We are so pleased that we ordered your product. I am always a bit skeptical about the internet but figured that we had nothing to lose (but a bit of money) and everything to gain if your product worked.
Now, we are wondering if Zachary should stay on Oscon for another 30 days after his supply runs out. Our Dr. did say that he hadn’t seen a knee as swollen as his in a very long time (it later affected his other knee). We would appreciate some advice on what to do. His knees seem to be fairly swollen still or do you think that this might be the “bump” that was mentioned in your information.
Anyways, we would appreciate some feedback as to our course of action from here. Thank you very much for everything so far.
Linda and Zachary, British Columbia, Canada 3/13/2005

Hi Gary,
My daughter Chelsea, 12, is going on her 2nd 30 days of Oscon. Although she is still having knee pain, I have noticed that she is doing things that she could not do at all a few months ago like running and tumbling (she is on an All-Star Cheerleading Squad). Am hoping that this 2nd 30 days will do the trick as it has been quite frustrating dealing with the Osgood Schlatter and all the money I have spent taking her to chiro, physical therapy, ibuprofen, ice, etc. etc. over the past 2 years.
Karen D., Connecticut, 3/9/2005

Hi Gary,
My son Marc is a gymnast and was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter at the end of January. He was the Regional New England Champion last year for Class 5. Marc practices 4 hours a day, 5 times a week. He was limping around and his knee was extremely swollen and painful. His coach thought that he should lay off some of the events, especially vault and floor. Landings on vault were extremely painful. His landings on rings, high bars and pommel seemed to be bearable. Marc did not want to miss the season, so I started to research on the web and found Oscon. Several years ago, my daughter had missed most of the season because of the pain of Osgood-Schlatter. In fact, I have seen many gymnasts with Osgood-Schlatter during my 12 years in which both my daughter and son have competed in gymnastics. Many have been sidelined using the “RICE” method for many months.
We started taking your supplement and after about 6 days the swelling started to go down. Marc said that his knee was less painful and he could walk without limping. We attended a National meet in Las Vegas after only being on Oscon for a little over a week. He competed in four events without any pain and swelling.
It is now been a month and Marc has started doing all events without any difficulty. He remains pain free except for the “bump” as you stated. He will be competing on March 11th at the State competition and again at the Regional competition on March 26th. I am truly amazed at his recovery. We have decided to continue the Oscon until after his competitions to insure that his knee is totally healed. By the way, when I mentioned this supplement to his orthopedist, he said it was all right to use it but was very skeptical that it would help.
In the past few years I have used supplements for myself and my husband, who has suffered a stroke during brain surgery. If you know of anything that might help him (he has nerve damage and experiences tightness constantly in his neck and back) please let me know. Right now he has constant pain and so far we have not found anything to help him. He does not take any pain medication and has physical therapy 2X a week.
Please feel free to use any of my statements on your web site and I will spread the word to all gymnasts about your supplement. It is so rare to find something that really works exactly as stated.
Thanks again and I’ll let you know Marc’s progress at State and Regionals.
Diana H. 3/1/2005
Gymnast Mom for 12 years

Dear Gary,
I have posted the info on Oscon on the Leon Paul Fencing Forum and have “spread the word” verbally at competitions. Nat won his first National series age-group competition after returning after 10 months, and the following week came 7th in the British U-16 Championship @ the age of 14. He will soon (x fingies!) be back to full fight fitness - some twinges, ice seems to sort them.
Mike & Gillie D., U.K. 3/1/2005

I wanted to write and tell you about the significant difference the knee braces have made for my son, Kyle. He has worn them to play 2 indoor games and when we watch him there is a noticeable difference in his level of play because the pain he has been dealing with the past year has been reduced. Thanks you!!! I wish someone would have shared this information sooner with us instead of watching him struggle to play through the pain. We have done some research into your Oscon product and have decided to purchase one bottle in hopes of totally eliminating the inflammation associated with the Osgood Schlatters. I myself have been dealing with tibia tendonitis and wondered if this product could help with this issue also.
~Fiona P. 3/1/2005

Just to let you know my son was struggling with osgood for the last year we have tried lots of things for it as he is very active in sports especially bb, he responded very well to the oscon, and can know play all 4 quarters with only sitting out for about 3 minutes to give others some playing time! It has worked great for us!!!!
Lisa J., 2/25/2005

O.K. Initial response on reading of Oscon? Scepticism ! Had done a lot of research into the problem as our son - 13, fanatical sabre fencer, British U-14 Sabre Champion, National Series Champion , good placings in adult competitions, British Cadet team , etc.... - suddenly collapsed in training. OSGOODS STRIKES !
But, 10 months later, he’s back - and winning.
He was lucky to have a great sports injury physio,and he kept working the joint - v. important - and things were improving, but after 7 months, all agreed to try Oscon.
In 10 days, the localised swelling around the knee went down fairly dramatically, a brace came into play, and good training started, and “lights” and “tunnels” were talked about. We used 2 month’s supply, no more, as per your recommendations.
Now, we all know the chance of coincidence, etc.... but I saw the effects, and am convinced the Oscon definitely shortened recovery time.
Mike L., U.K., 2/25/2005

With my hectic schedule I have not been able to let you know that your product is a god send. My son who was experiencing tremendous pain due to Osgood-Schlatter is now having little to no pain. For a while there we thought he would have to give up playing soccer and other sports activities. With your Oscon product he is able to continue playing soccer which he loves. Thank you very much for making this product available.
P.S.B., Coto de Caza, CA, 2/24/2005

Dear Gary,
Lots to tell you!! We have just arrived home from our annual skiing trip with friends in Switzerland. Douglas skied the whole week with very little pain and no increased inflammation in his knees. Up to 10 days before we went, we were all pretty sure he wasn’t going to be able to participate in what is one of the highlights of our holiday year. I can’t begin to thank you enough for your help, and for Oscon. Quite why every paediatrician, physiotherapist, orthopaedic consultant and family GP isn’t recommending Oscon to all the kids who suffer from OS, is beyond me. It really does work and, boy, was I sceptical at the outset!! Even though Douglas isn’t completely pain free yet, his quality of life has been IMMEASURABLY improved - his confidence is right back up, he’s playing squash again and is hopeful that another cricket season may also be within his grasp!! All of this was unimaginable 6 weeks ago - our heartfelt thanks and I shall be telling everyone I can think of, to whom it might be helpful, about Oscon.
Thank you, too, for sending the second supply of Oscon which was here on our arrival home.
Finally, do you think it advisable for Douglas simply to keep taking the Oscon to ensure that the symptoms don’t reoccur? If yes, it would probably be more sensible for me to buy the Oscon in slightly larger quantity. Please advise. Best wishes,
Gillie D., United Kingdom 2/23/2005
Follow-up 2/24/05:
Dear Gary
What a star - the responses to questions are always so quick and thorough! Please could you send, along with the extra Oscon, 2 of the Medium OS Straps (he has OSD in both knees). Luckily, the postbox is just at the bottom of our drive and I always see the postman on my way to collect my daughter from school in the afternoon. I ‘highjacked’ him today, retrieved my original letter + cheque to you and have resent it with the revised cheque amount.
By the way; one only seems to get to information about Oscon, your research, etc, on the web if one enters Osgood Schlatter (even then it takes a bit of delving). It seems such a shame that children who suffer from this miserable condition might miss out on knowing about your wonderful treatment. However, you probably already know this and I suspect that the difficulties with making the info more accessible is due to some techi intricacy I couldn’t possibly understand, being a mere mortal!! Pity, because quite apart from anything else, I think someone, somewhere ought to give you a socking great prize and loads of recognition for coming up with an answer other than “oh bad luck but don’t worry, he’ll grow out of it in due course” - after he’s missed some of the best sporting opportunities/years of his life...??!!
Best wishes

Matt has had good results to this point, two weeks after his original episode with osgood schlatter. His left knee is feeling much better to the point that he participated in his first basketball game since the injury. This past Saturday he went through practice with his team with good results. He says that he is about 85-90%. Today Sunday he had a good work out with his pitching coach with no pain landing on the left leg. Then later that day played in basketball game. He has been wearing a brace that supports the patella tendon. I ice him down for about 20 min, twice after his game. He worked out at catcher but the squatting hurts the knee too much. We will keep you posted.
Jim and Matt, California, 2/21/2005

Dear Gary,
Good news, Jenny’s knees both fine now took 3 weeks for right knee this time but no pain now. Thank you !
Do you think it could flare up if she starts doing leg strength again? British finals in 3 weeks. Let you know how she does
Thanks again,
Gillian, Glasgow, Scotland 2/18/2004

The difference in my son’s knee is unbelievable. He wore the knee brace with all activities and took the Oscon as directed. Within 10 days of taking the Oscon there was a big difference in the pain level and by day 20 the pain was gone!!!! He only has one more day on the Oscon. My son preferred the OS Sleeve while playing basketball and the strap for baseball. Thank you so much for your guidance. I have directed other moms to your site.
Thanks again,
Deb B., Florida, 2/14/2005

Thanks for the information on Osgood-Schlatter’s Disease. My son is about done with the 30 day supply (2/day) of Oscon and is doing great. The pain is gone but there is still some tenderness on the bump. He plays tennis and runs and seems to be back to normal. I don’t know if it was the Oscon or icing the knee after activity. I will keep him on the Oscon (one per day) until the supply runs out.
Thanks again. Tina B., Kentucky, 2/13/2005

Dear Gary
We are quietly optimistic (very English). The knees are definitely less inflamed and Douglas is moving better than I have seen for months. He still has quite a lot of pain but everything is relative. The swelling has definitely decreased considerably in the last week and I am hopeful that perhaps progress will continue. However, we are coming to the end of the first course of Oscon and would like to continue
Thank you so much for your help and we really are thrilled that at last something appears to be at least alleviating the symptoms. He’s not yet back to sport’s hoping.
Gillie D. Worcester, UK, 2/7/2005

Dear Gary,
I apologize for never getting back to you about the effects the Oscon had for our daughter. We just went to the doctor the other day & found out she has grown 6 inches in the last 6 months. We weren’t extremely surprised. She also just turned 12 in January. She had started off the beginning of this school year with her first season of cross country. She also loves basketball. She is in her second season of this sport this year & is anxiously waiting to try out for track in March. She’s your ‘prime suspect’ for all the symptoms that lead us to you. I want you to know that the Oscon seemed to make a difference. I only say ‘seem’ because we were doing everything possible all at the same time. Ice, the band below her knee, rest (when we could get her to!)... You know the routine! I really do think that the Oscon helped. I can’t believe it’s not something EVERYONE in sports doesn’t know about & use when it’s needed. I’ve told MANY people about it & will continue to whenever I hear of the same problems occurring for others. I can’t thank you enough. Not only for your product, but for your sincere concern & effort to make this product available to everyone. I so appreciate what you did to get it to us so quickly, too.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Jamie C., Indianapolis, Indiana, 2/2/2005

Mr. Nelson,
My 16 year old son has now been taking OSCON for almost three weeks. He was in excruciating pain. He almost had to sit out of soccer. He could barely get out of his truck and walk into the house after soccer practice. He now has zero pain in his knees after being on OSCON. This product is awesome!!! Does he need to continue and finish the bottle? (ans: Yes!) Should he take more than the one bottle? (ans: only if pain returns) I have spent thousands of dollars on doctor visits and x-rays, and MRI’s and nothing else has worked. Thank you so much!!
Cindy B., Lubbock Texas 1/31/2005

Just want to thank you.
This stuff works! Pain is gone life is good!
Bob B., Seabrook, Texas, 1/31/2005

Dear Gary,
Well ... it has been a couple of months since my son Brent finished his second bottle of Oscon. He now claims that his knees are not bothering him anymore and the pain is pretty much gone. I appreciated all the help and information you provided for me over the telephone and via e-mail and I thank you very much for your wonderful product. I have also told a few other parents about Oscon; so they might have already contacted you.
Anyways, thanks again and Take Care !
Mike R., Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada 1/30/2004

Hi, Gary.
I received the kit for Melissa, the gymnast. She took the vitamins and the brace helped her right away. She was able to compete that weekend in Vegas. I would like to purchase another brace for her other knee. We had some others on back order before we got yours, and she didn’t like them at all. I was surprised to see so many girls at the meet with similar straps.
Thanks for your help.
Kathy S., Yorba Linda, California 1/28/2005

Hi, my daughter has been using Oscon for 2 months for Sever’s in her heel.. The pain has subsided tremendously, not gone completely, but much better. How long do you recommend she take it, can she take it for longer periods of time, say 6 mos? or is that not recommended. Thank you for the info. P.S. She is a competitive gymnast who works out every day 4 hours, 5 days a week.
Cindy & Victoria (11), Ledgewood, New Jersey 1/25/2005

Dear Gary
The cheque was sent on 12th January 2005. My son has already shown an improvement after only a week. Many thanks for your help.
Kind regards – Ian, 1/17/2005 United Kingdom

My son is almost done with his first 30 day supply of Oscon. While he missed a day periodically he has taken them on his own once he noticed a difference. He has not complained about knee pain since about the 18th day. I am very happy with the results as they were exactly as stated. No misrepresentation of the product. A refreshing change. I will give him another 2-3 weeks to ensure he has received the full benefits of Oscon. At that time I will write a final recap and update.
Kevin C. 1/13/2005, Blauvelt, New York

This is our second shipment. My son has taken it for a month and it has seemed to help tremendously. We thought just to be sure we would have him take it for one more month. We also ordered the strap to protect the bump on his knee from accidents while playing sports. Thanks for developing the “miracle” that my son needed to get back on the basketball court. :)
Denise N., 1/6/2005 Chowchilla, California

Dear Mr. Nelson,
My name is Kim M., I ordered a two month supply of Oscon from you and my 14 year old son has been taking it for two weeks now, so far there has been a significant change in the pain he experiences playing basketball. Thank you for this product.
Kim M. 1/2/2005, New Brunswick, Canada

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