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Well, I have to tell you that I was skeptical. I ordered a bottle of Oscon out of sheer desperation. My daughter had Sever's. The pain had been getting worse over the entire competitive season. Our orthopedic was insisting that I pull her out of gymnastics for 8 weeks. Her gym coaches were insisting that this was a bad idea. She started Oscon 1 week before the state championships. By the end of the week, all of her pain was gone. She competed with flying colors and no pain. It has been four weeks now and still no sign of Sever's. The most interesting part of it all is that she is eight years old and had never taken any pill. The first three days, she had trouble getting them down. But after she realized it was working, she took the initiative and began reminding me she needed her "heel pill". I'm so glad we found this product!
Amy S., Midlothian, Texas, 12/29/2006

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my daughter's knees are much better! She never stopped going to her gymnastics practices, and she said that the new straps definitely helped immediately. Also, just as you said, after about 5 days her knees started to feel better. Now, after almost 3 weeks, they barely hurt, and she is back to doing her regular strenuous tumbling, etc. She has been letting other girls use her knee straps, and I have given your web site to several moms -- a few said that they were going to contact you. I will continue to spread the word...... after months of pain, with no relief, we are believers!
Thanks again for returning my call, especially on a Saturday, and for all of your help!
Jackie G., Southport, North Carolina, 12/22/2006

I wish to give you some feedback. My 13 yo daughter had Severs and plays at an elite level of tennis and predominantly on hard courts. She could not train for extended periods without severe pain. She has been taking the Oscon for a month now and the pain is gone. We have also reduced the number of hours on court, ice the heel after play and she has been working regularly with a physio. We are all very pleased with the outcome. From your notes below, it seems that we could reduce the dosage to 1 per day. I look forward to your further advice.
Philip K., Buderim, Australia, 11/30/2006

Thank you for this product. Our son has benefited tremendously from it. He suffers from Osgood-Schlatter, and is now playing high school basketball. Last season, he could barely make it up and down the court. He's now captain. Any interaction with antibiotics (e.g. Keflex)? He's also been hit with strep throat.
Thank you.
Cathy S., Fremont California, 11/29/2006

Dear Gary,
My 13 year old boy is extremely talented in track & field, and has been frustrated with not been able to compete this season due to Severs. After three weeks of taking Oscon, and seeing a physiotherapist twice a week, he is almost pain free. He has been able to run sprints and hurdles, with hardly any pain, and has just been selected in the State team, to compete in the Nationals in hurdles. I am so glad I came across your website, and in desperation, decided to give Oscon a go. My son is just about to finish his first bottle, and I have ordered another one, so he will be able to compete in the Nationals without any problems. I just wanted to say thank you very much, and you may use this on your website.
Kind Regards,
Raine Mitchell, (Melbourne, Australia). 11/22/2006

Dear Gary,
I purchased your product Oscon, in September, for treatment of my 12yr old son's Severs Disease & Osgood Schlatters. I am pleased to report that his symptoms decreased significantly after just 1 bottle of Oscon, (2 tablets daily). I have now reduced the dosage to 1 tablet daily for the remaining contents. Oscon has enabled him to return to all his sporting activities, painfree! I would recommend Oscon to any parent who has a child suffering these conditions; it has certainly worked for us!
Thank you
Kind regards,
Lynne T., Tumbi Umbi, NSW. Australia, 11/20/2006

I have used Oscon for years off and on for my now 14-year-old, soccer-playing son (I just ordered two more bottles), and have recommended it to others. Without exception, we all have had excellent results. My son also has used your braces with similar success. I'm wondering if Oscon works generically on inflammation, such as my shoulder bursitis, or if it possibly could be site specific to the knee. I can't imagine how it could be site specific, since it must work systemically, but I'm curious nonetheless. Thanks for your excellent products.
David M., Santa Monica, California, 11/12/2006

Callum is 13, a runner (4m47secs 1500m under 12) but most passionate about football (soccer). He excells at most sports at school although small for his age. He began with OS in January and within a week could hardly walk. We visited a private Physiotherapist who failed to diagnose OS despite me suggesting it. We spent a lot of money in a short space of time whilst he hooked him up to microwave and infra red machines. The NHS were not particularly concerned and glibly told us he would grow out of it by the time he was sixteen and told him to rest until then. I bought OSCON but stalled for a while because I didn't want to trust the word of someone selling something on a website. I finally convinced myself they were okay after speaking to a chemist who represents the royal Pharmaceutical society. He told me they would not harm him even though the rec. daily dose of vitamin e was way under what is in OSCON. Meanwhile doctors were non committal hiding behind the fact there are no clinical studies. My searches on the net led me to attempt to read some university papers but as I am not a chemist they proved to be very hard work. For those who are sceptical or cautious about taking OSCON they will want to know from independent sources if there will be side effects and the biggest sceptics will not be satisfied by testimonials that could have been written by anyone. I can only say that I am glad that I eventually took the plunge because pain subsided within ten days full mobility did not return until just after three weeks but because of my dallying it was by then March. At the same time we did get him to see a Physiotherapist who gave him some stretches to do as his quadriceps were very tight. During May he had a very successful Football trip to France in an international competition near Paris, playing and scoring against boys who were 1992 birthday year, he was born in 1993. There was no sign of any knee problems. He won three 800 metre races against schools from nine towns. I was confident the problem was resolved. However in late September he pulled up with knee pain in a game of football and has been resting since. We ordered more OSCON and are three weeks into this present batch. He walks well but says it hurts to run on at present so I have just ordered another batch of 60. There is a huge need for your product because for teenagers like my son sitting still is almost impossible. I always check his school books and there is a marked deterioration in his work since he has been out of sport.
Thanks for coming up with OSCON. I still think there is further work to be done, such as clinical trials convincing doctors to spend some of their budget on OS and understanding the role of physios/stretches in the rehabilitation of sufferers.
David G., Manchester, United Kingdom, 11/8/2006

Hi Gary
We have used Oscon for the last 6 weeks and our son's severe Sever's Disease has really improved. He has been taking Oscon twice a day and we are just about to order some more to ensure our son's progress continues. However, we are anxious to establish if there are any long term side effects of this supplement if he continues to take this twice a day for further (third) month. ans.:No long term side effects have ever been reported in thousands of cases. Also, whilst you say we could take the dose down to once a day, he has responded so well and we are reluctant to cause him to regress - do you find that taking the dose down to once a day can be detrimental? ans.: Not detrimental at all, as long as the pain was controlled by the 2/d regimen. 1/day is the "maintenance" or "preventative" dose. Look forward to hearing back from you.
Caroline A., Olveston, United Kingdom, 11/7/2006

Many thanks for your two emails dealing so fully with my question regarding long term safety. The students selected by audition for Ballet training all have the criteria described in your first note regarding characteristics of individuals susceptible to apophysitis. You will appreciate that for us this is a problem of the majority rather than the minority. Having worked for twenty-five years as both a staff and guest teacher in major schools in Britain, France and Japan and relied in that time on the traditional treatments, rest, physiotherapy and ice, the rate of attrition was still appallingly high. Indeed some students never recovered satisfactorily. Although previously believing that Osgood-Schlatter and Severs were the possible culprits there seemed no reason, from the obtained advice, not to accept that while it was possible to alleviate the symptoms they were not fully treatable. I obtained parental permission for an experiment in the school after satisfying myself that the formula was safe. I must confess that my using Oscon was an act of desperation with little or no expectation as to its efficacy. After a month of use we are seeing a complete return to training with a marked improvement in performance standards as the pain apprehension is removed. For you, who have worked with thousands of athletes under these circumstances for many years this will come as no surprise, whereas I, being new to this, am beginning to see the hope of an unexpected light at the end of a dark tunnel and for that I am very grateful. My congratulations for your research and the apparent solving of an intractable problem inherent in Ballet Schools for years.
Kindest regards,
David Picken.
Director of Academy.
Diplom D`Etat(reconnue)

I wanted to thank you for the website and the cure. Morgan, our 12 year old daughter, plays travel softball, travel basketball, travel soccer and tried field hockey in middle school for the first time in the fall of 2006. For a couple years, she had complained intermittently about knee pain. It was nothing major. However, as you might imagine, the kid was busy this fall as all of her sports converged in October. Fall softball tournaments, soccer season, basketball practice, and the end of the field hockey season. She began to complain seriously about her knee. Remembering my childhood friends having this experience, I told my wife about Osgood-Schlatters. My wife began her research and found your website. We read other testimonials and gave it a shot figuring it is a natural supplement. We received the Oscon and brace around October 15. Today, November 3, Morgan is virtually pain free. When she was in pain, she remembered to take it daily. She now has to be reminded because the pain is gone.
Jeff & Anita, Jamison, Pennsylvania, 11/3/2006

Hi Gary,
My 12 year old son ended up with osgood schlatter during soccer time, his coach suggested Oscon and had some left over from his son. My son tried it and within a few days to a weeks time, was feeling much better with the pain...he was even having a hard time just going down stairs...firm believer in Oscon and thankful for our coach's opinion...also epsom salt baths help immediately!! Thank you for everything...
Ellie A., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 10/31/2006

Hello Gary,
My 12 year old daughter has Osgood Schlatter's and began taking Oscon one month ago. Although her knees did continue to have discomfort there was definitely a decrease in pain after approx 3 weeks. She plays competitive tournament softball where her main position is as Catcher. We just finished a tournament this last weekend where she caught 6 games straight and I can honestly say she was completely pain free for the very first time! She had no complaints and did not have to ask the coach to put in a sub for her behind the plate to give her knees "a break". She was able to play back to back games and help lead her team to the Championship! We were very pleased! We believe it is the Oscon that has made the difference for her and have decided to order another bottle and continue her on the therapy @ 1 pill per day. If we notice any pain returning, should we step it back up to 2 per day for the second month? Is this a safe dosage to continue for consecutive months? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for making Oscon available, it truly works!
Mary H., Roseville, California, 10/30/2006

Hi Gary,
Thanks, received order on Wednesday, my son started taking it that day and was able to play football Saturday and said that his knee hurt a little but compared to last Saturday when he was crying on the field because he was hurting so bad, he actually came off the field this weekend smiling and I just want to say thank you for a great product!!! At first he didn't want to take the pills but after his game this weekend he's like mom is it time to take my pill? He wanted me to tell you thanks and ask you this question, he is wondering if Oscon will make him stop growing???? (answer: Not at all!)
Thanks again,
Vivian S., Oppelo, Arkansas, 10/24/2006

Hi there
thank you for your great product, people here didn't believe this would work but my 10 year old son who does swimming, football, little athletics, high jump and other sports could not stand the pain from running and jumping his Osgood Schlatters had caused. I had ordered the 2 bottles off you and after 2 weeks had felt no knee pain and we continued his 2nd bottle 1 tablet a day and he is still enjoying all his sports without giving up any of them.
Thanks Sharon O., Lisarow, New South Wales, Australia 10/17/2006

Thank you for being so prompt! This is my son's second dose. The pain is mostly gone, but acts up when he is playing basketball. This is why I decided to continue treatment with the 2nd dose and add the strap. My son is 15 and very active. We fully believe in your product and are glad we found it! I just wish the Dr.'s would tell you about it rather than saying he just has to stop growing! Plus - I love that its not medication, but nutrients! That is very important to me! Thank you!
Ms. Bo B., 10/5/2006

Gary, just to give you an update on Jacob. The weekend prior to us getting in touch with you, Jake had a tournament in which he played one full game during which he started having knee problems. He started the next game, wearing a brace and made it about half way through. The next day he played but was very gimpy and sat out a portion. Jake is one of the players that never sits and is never subbed so we knew he was hurting. He sat out practices until the Oscon shipment arrived. Within 3 days of starting the course of treatment, He felt almost as good as new and started practices again. We couldn't believe how quickly it helped. During practice and games he is back to normal! After, if he feels sore, he will ice his knees. That pain may be normal. Oscon has turned what could have been a miserable season into "Play as usual". We are thrilled and are spreading the word!
Thank you!!
Aaron B. (Jake's dad) Silverdale, Washington 9/24/2006

The product seems to be working on my daughter. She is very athletic and has noticed a reduction in pain. She has not had to ice her knee in a week. She is 14 and noticed pain last year during basketball. She is playing volleyball now and hopes to have no pain by the time basketball starts in December. I would like to order another bottle.
Thank you.
Shelly B., Sheridan, Montana, 9/21/2006

Hi Gary,
I have been ordering Oscon for my 13 year old son for at least 5 months now. We started the Oscon about March or April of this year. Our son, Rocco, is a passionate, elite, travel ice hockey player who would never give up his hockey nor stop his physical activity despite the pain in his knees. He competes at the highest level in both roller and ice hockey throughout the continent. In fact, even though our actual home is in Los Alamitos, California, we have temporarily relocated to Detroit, Michigan where our son was recruited to play ice hockey. We also have a 20 year old daughter who is on a full-ride academic and soccer scholarship at Oklahoma State University. When she was about our son's age, she also developed osgood Schlatters and had it for about 6 months. Nearly every girl on her elite travel soccer team also developed the disease for a period of time. She has no repercussions from the disease and still plays soccer to this day. The disease had caused Rocco to walk like a "little old man", slow and deliberate, and he had a lot of difficulty climbing and descending stairs, amongst other things. After starting the Oscon back in March or April, I saw marked improvement in his condition over a period of time. His walking became more natural again and even the swollen, large, bumps under both knees even got much smaller. The Osgood Schlatters pain had caused his beautiful skating stride and speed to appear to be laborious, forced, and awkward. It was easy to see the improvement after taking Oscon, because after a period of time, his fluid, beautiful skating began to return, and his speed and stride kept improving, and are now back to normal. His complaint of pain also lessoned over time, and he would only complain of pain in his knees when he underwent strenuous and lengthy competition or practice. In fact, during the month of July, Rocco competed in 3 different age groups in the 3 largest national roller hockey tournaments in the world. Nearly every day, for about 3 weeks, he had 2 to 4 roller hockey games a day. Even despite this demand on his body, he played consistently well, his speed and skating were excellent, and he rarely mentioned that his knees were hurting. He ended up winning 4 national championship titles and one national finalist title in The AAU Jr. Olympics, North American Roller Hockey Championships (NARCH), and TORHS Nationals. During the AAU Jr. Olympics, he was named to the "All-American" Team, and he also earned MVP in TORHS Nationals and "High Scorer" in NARCH. He even had a small article written about him in Sports Illustrated for Kids - see above attachment. Just recently, I noticed that dry land activities, like strength and conditioning for his ice hockey, and soccer, which he is currently playing for his school, cause him more pain than playing hockey. I am sure it's because of the running and jumping, etc., associated with them. Unfortunately, he is determined to keep his training regiment on course for his team, so resting his knees is not an option. So, in the meantime, we keep using the Oscon, give him ice baths, and continue to pray and trust God for his complete and total healing and restoration. I just wanted you to know our "praise report". We are thankful that we happened upon your website after doing a Google on Osgood Schlatters. We appreciate your work and passion to help kids during this awfully painful growth period of their young lives.

Susie Grimaldi
Little Caesars AAA92 Team Manager

My son has almost used up his first months supply of Oscon and we can't believe the improvement!! He was unable to participate in any physical activity and now he is playing football and competing in games with very little pain. He has three 2 hour football practices a week and games on Saturdays and is also fully participating in PE at school. We are so pleased with his results. Even his doctor is very impressed. Thank you for giving him back his freedom to be a kid!! We just ordered his second bottle to take once a day to keep him active. Thanks again!
Lydia B., Woodland, California, 9/19/2006

Dear Sir,
My 15 year old son has just finished his course of treatment and says he has no discomfort anymore, having had a problem for approx the last 12 months. During his course of treatment he was also having physiotherapy on his troublesome knees along with acupuncture to treat his problem. Not sure whether the Oscon worked? Or the physio? Or a combination of both, but my gut feeling is that the Oscon helped his recovery most, with the added benefit of having the physiotherapy. Hope you find this useful.
Many thanks,
Rod F., Oldham, United Kingdom, 9/19/2006

Gary Nelson, Hi my name is Beth T... I live in Jacksonville Fl. I have twin boys 12 years old; they are very active in soccer. Approximately 3 to 31/2 months ago they were diagnosed with Osgood-Shatter. They are both growing very fast and with the sports 4 to 5 times a week they were in severe pain. The doctor told me there was nothing I could do but to take them out of soccer and rest their knees plus ice. I immediately got on the internet to research this disease. I did not even hesitate ordering the Oscon because I am a firm believe in herbs and vitamins. I just want to thank you because my boys have not missed one game or practice and for the last 3 to 4 weeks they have been pain free. My question is how much longer do they need to take the Oscon; they both still have the knots and I don't want to rush things by taking them off too soon but I don't know if it is good for them to stay on the Oscon although I don't think there is anything in it that will hurt them. Oh by the way, we have 2 more boys on our team that are now on Oscon because of the boys having such great results. It truly is wonderful.
Thanks again.
Beth T. 9/19/2006

We are finishing our first month of Oscon. Thank you. Thank you. This stuff is amazing. My 13 year old daughter has suffered greatly with Osgood-Schlatter for three years. She was ready to give up on all sports. After 2 weeks on Oscon. She is now playing soccer and running cross country without any pain. She calls Oscon her miracle pill. It truly has been for her. I just reordered another bottle. I don't want to ever go without it again. Thank you so very much! I am recommending it to all of her friends and coaches. It seems many kids are suffering unnecessarily. If only physicians knew how wonderful this Oscon works for children.
Patricia S., Fairmont, West Virginia, 9/13/2006

Thank goodness for Oscon!!! I got it for my 11 year old granddaughter and she is now pain free. She takes karate classes and was having a really difficult time. Now she's better than ever. I wish we could have had this 20 years ago when her mother and uncle needed it.
Thanks again.
Carole S., Danielson, Connecticut, 8/26/2006

Hello Gary,
Bronwyn from New Zealand here. I ordered Oscon for my son which arrived on the 9th August he has severs disease. We have had Slade to a podiatrist several times and to our own G.P. had X rays and anti imflam medication which has done no good; this has been over a period of 18 months in which Slade has been in a huge amount of pain. Slade is a very active sporting 11 year old who was unable to walk for days after a rugby game this was very debilitating for him and us to watch him go through this and not be able to help in anyway. We heard of your product through another Southlander who had been watching Slade play rugby and asked if he was injured. We told him of Slade's complaint and he had a son with the same problem. He kindly passed on your email address. Slade started taken the medication the same day it arrived and it honestly has been a god send. He is a totally different child who is not struggling to walk or keep up with his friends. He is in no pain and much happier in himself. I will highly recommend this product to anyone who has a child in this situation, and I thank you so much for giving Slade some comfort and enjoyment back into his childhood.
Thanks again,
Bronwyn Evans and the entire family for that matter
Invercargill, New Zealand, 8/23/2006

Hey Gary,
Just wanted to drop you a quick note and say that the OSCON has worked on my son's Severs Disease. It has been about a week and a half and he started feeling much better after a week or so. We are so excited that he is able to play football (and walk) with no pain in his heel. Thanks again for your help. I have forwarded the OSCON information to two other players on my son's team that suffer from Severs.
Brian G., Tustin, CA 8/22/2006

When I first did a search for Osgood schlatters on the internet and saw your product I thought...yeah, right! It's a scam! I thought for $22 it was worth the gamble. Am I ever glad that I gambled! My son could hardly run last year during soccer and had to watch a lot of the games from the bench. He was going up and down stairs on his seat. A year after taking the Oscon he is first in sprints and in the starting lineup for soccer. I am just about to order another bottle to make sure he doesn't run out! Thanks so much for giving my son back his soccer and basketball career in high school!
Jeni S., Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, 8/22/2006

I have to say THANK YOU! My son was suffering so much, we had taken him to a sports medicine doc, who put my son on sport restriction as well as restriction at school, (no stairs, etc) and eventually into a full leg brace. After literally 4 months of this treatment, he still was not better and my son's frustration level was beyond belief. He plays goalie for his soccer team, and during the season he had to sit out the majority of it and when he did try and play, the pain he experienced was just not right. Well, I began researching and I found you! I ordered two bottles for him and he began to take it immediately - and literally within days he was finding relief. He has finished the second bottle about three weeks ago, and is experiencing a bit of discomfort when he kneels - so we have ordered the third bottle. His case was a severe case of Osgood Schlatter's Disease and very hard to treat. I think that all sports doctors should be aware of this treatment! It was because of one determined mother trying to relieve her son's pain that I found out about OSCON! Thank you so much for creating this!
Bree D., Spring, Texas, 7/30/2006

Just wanted to let you know that the combination of the Oscon and the strap has had an immediate effect for my son (11 years old). He started taking the tablets on Tuesday evening (July 18, 2006). I had him wear the strap and jog a small lap to see how his knee felt on Wednesday evening or Thursday to see how the strap would work and he said that it wasn't even sore when he jogged. I know his Osgood Schlatter was caught early but call it a miracle or coincidence or just the combination of the oscon and the strap working but I'll take it. He has been able to play in his baseball tournament which started Sunday July 23rd. It looks like he's back to his peak form in making cutting moves to get the ball and running the bases. Before that, the prior 2 weeks, he couldn't even jog without his knee hurting. Haven't tried having him run without the strap as I don't want to jinx it. I will probably wait until this week's tournament is over to see how it is without the strap. I will continue to have him finish the month supply. Should he get a recurrence, or get it in the other knee, I have a 2nd bottle on order and will be ready. Thank you for all your help and with the info on the website.
Lori D., Honolulu, Hawaii, 7/24/2006

Dear Gary,
Your Oscon is one of the best success stories I have ever seen. My son, who is 16, plays basketball on an AAU team in North Carolina, after his regular High School season. He was in such pain for the last six months we tried straps, sports medicine Doctors, Physical therapy, nothing touched it and he was coming up on the State Championship in so much pain he could hardly play. That's when I ordered Oscon, 2 weeks before the State Championship. Within 5 days he could jump again and with the start of the pain.....believe it or pain. He's been off to a basketball camp in Ohio since, played 30 games in three days no pain...I truly can't find the words to thank you. So many kids could really benefit from your discovery...
Robby D., Mocksville, North Carolina, 7/18/2006

Hi, Gary~
Just a short note to let you know that Taylor's OS symptoms have just started to come back again after nearly a year of wonderful success following 2 1/2 bottles of Oscon. It has not impacted her activity in gymnastics yet, but one of her knees (both were affected last time around) is swelling and very tender after her practices. We're ordering again to start another round of Oscon before it becomes immobilizing. She's only 12 1/2, and I don't see the gymnastics activity going away any time soon, so I'm guessing we may have to deal with these symptoms for a few more years. Practicing 16-18 hours a week takes it toll on a kid's body, especially when they have OS, so I'm so thankful for the help we've received from you and from Oscon.
Donna H., Bruceton Mills, West Virginia, 7/18/2006

Hello Gary,
The order arrived on Tuesday, 4th July 2006. Today it has been 2 weeks that my son of 11 has been taking Oscon and I have nothing other than good things to say about the product. When he started on the medication, he had reduced his amount of sports activity down to one rugby practice session, one game of rugby and some bike riding every week. After only 7 days, he had added one game of basketball and 2 hours of intensive training to his sporting regime. He tried using the OS Strap's only once but, he seems to find them either too cumbersome or perhaps it has something to do with the image. Not sure? Admittedly, after each session he still experiences some discomfort and pain but in his own words, "Mom, at least I can walk by myself now". He is a different person again, he is happy and content, he is back in the position whereby he can dictate the amount of sporting activity he wants to do, not his knees - he is one of those children that goes to school for the sport, it just so happens that he has to put up with the academics to be able to stay at school. As a parent, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. It's good to have my son back again.
Best regards
Leslie-Anne, Melbourne, Australia, 7/17/2006

Dear Mr. Nelson
I thank you so much for sending me Oscon. It is the only reason that I can run and just get around with out pain. I will advise it to all my fellow athletes for their Osgood-Schlatters disease pain. I cannot express my gratitude to you for helping my knee heal. I am half way through my 2nd month pill bottle and my bump is practically gone. I have a question though, is it normal for my knee to be tight in that area after I run for awhile?
Travis B., Odessa, Texas, 7/13/2006

Rec'd the Oscon shipment yesterday, thanks Gary.
What a great product! It is the only thing we have found to significantly help the pain of Osgood Schlatters go away. It's amazing. Thank you so much!
Toni S., Duncan, BC, Canada, 7/13/2006

Thanks a lot for the Oscon.
I'm 14 years old. I started to develop OSD when I was 13. It's been a year that I have had it. I used to be an elite runner for my age. I came in 7th place at Nationals until I got OSD. It was horrible not being able to train and I was coming into my freshman year at high school and didn't do as well as expected. I saw Oscon when I first got OSD. I read through it and thought it was a fake. My family members who are physicians told me don't take any pills just rest and ice and I did that for a year and no improvement. I just recently ordered Oscon. It has been 4 days and I already feel better than I have ever in my life. Thanks a lot. I couldn't recommend any other thing. I can't wait to get back into training after the 30 day course. Once again thanks a lot.
Chris w., Columbia, Maryland, 7/12/2006

Hi Gary,
Just writing a quick update. My daughter was diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters earlier this year and has had two courses of Oscon. By the end of the last one she was having no pain and finished the last half of the bottle at one per day. Thank you so much for your candid and enlightening information and email discussion. I admit that I have not read all of your technical detail but the results speak for themselves in my opinion. That she had such immediate and dramatic response to your Oscon is remarkable, and my husband and I would like to say thank you so much for your dedication to treating and relieving this condition. Clearly you have helped many children throughout the world with this treatment so please accept our sincerest thanks. When I was in the initial stages of researching OS, I looked for testimonials from Australians as I wasn't sure that I could access Oscon in Australia and was keen to find someone here that I could discuss their experiences of the treatment with. Therefore, should anyone be looking for someone in Australia to discuss their recent experience with the Oscon treatment I am more than happy to make myself available, just send me an email.
Thanks again Gary and all the best to you and yours
Dianne Marshall, Newcastle, Australia 7/10/2006

Thank you. This stuff is a life-saver. My daughter begins using her second bottle...pain has stabilized, although not gone completely it never gets any worse as long as she wears her brace. She played 7, 70-minute soccer games over a 4 day period and the pain never got worse...this after not being able to walk after running for 10 minutes. She is looking forward to running track again and hopefully breaking her own school record next year in the 1 meet she was able to compete in. Anyone that has OSD I have told them about your product....thank you for allowing my child to continue towards her dreams!!
Take care...
Rich P., Conroe, Texas, 7/2/2006

Hi Gary
Just want to thank you so much for making my daughters life pain free!!! She is an Irish Dancer who is nearly 14 years old & has suffered with terrible heel pain for about 18 months and was diagnosed by a biomechanic as having severs disease & would have to look at giving up the dancing which she loves. Irish dancing puts an enormous amount of strain on the feet & she would come home after dancing crying & in agony. I'm so glad that I searched the internet and found your website, and had the courage to give Oscon a try because 3 weeks after taking it she now only gets twinges in her heels, and has started to dance with a smile on her face as she has no pain! She still has physio weekly to stretch the muscles in her legs, but what a difference Oscon has made. Just re-ordered another months supply to make sure she is totally pain free. Thank you again from one very happy mother!
Penelope H., Chesterfield, United Kingdom, 6/21/2006

Gary, My son is doing great and asked me to purchase one more bottle "just in case." Football season is about to begin. You should be receiving an order from Joe Shuffer...we were at assessments today and he started to tell me about the painful bump under his son's kneecap. Boy, do I feel like an expert now!
You've done a good thing for the kids by making this available!!!
Thanks again...
Jill S., Carlsbad, California, 6/17/2006

Gary, I rarely take the time to compliment a company for providing the services they claim and we expect as consumers. However, I feel compelled to let you know that our son Jordan, has seen drastic improvement with his knee pain. He is almost finished with the first 30 days, but as you've stated, the pain dramatically reduced between the 5 and 10 day mark of taking the Oscon. Your product, time and efforts have made a tremendous impact, not only on our son, but our family as a whole.
We thank you and will certainly recommend this product in the future.
Thanks Again,
Buddy B., Harker Heights, Texas, 6/14/2006

Gary, My daughter has been using the Oscon and about 4 days after beginning treatment she felt well enough to play in her district soccer finals. She did have pain but had one of her best games of the season scoring both of the teams two goals, something was working. At this point she clearly notices that while there is some pain while active the pain does not linger after exercise as before and she is not bothered by stairs and even walking as before between periods of knee stress. As soon as she finishes the 30 day supply we will re-evaluate and see if another month would be beneficial. Based on her progress do you have any recommendations? We have been approached by a number of people asking about your product and have passed on your information.
Tom H., Ada, Michigan,6/13/2006

Hello, Thank you for sending the supply. My son needed it and he says it's better now.
Elly de Visser, Noord-Holland, Netherlands, 6/7/2006

Just want you to know that your product RAWWWWKS! 18 months ago we started our sons on the product...the 11 year old had Severs and the 14 year old Osgood. The results were outstanding. I have ordered again for the younger son who is showing signs now of Osgood at age 13. I had this as a kid and had to cease all sports in the 8th more soccer, basketball, or skiing...could only continue on swim team. Sure wish this was available back then.
Thanks again!
Bill B., Golden, Colorado, 6/5/2006

Just thought I would let you know that after taking Oscon for a month and a half, my daughter managed to go to Disney in Florida for 2 weeks with no heel pain !!! We were amazed and couldn't believe what a difference it has made to her. Before this she could only walk for 10 minutes before she complained of pain.
Thanks for the help
Trudie W., England, 6/1/2006

Hi Gary, Just a quick note to let you know that our son Matthew has been on your products since they arrived. He noticed a marked improvement within a couple of weeks. Improvement to the extent that he now insists he does not need his knee brace – which of course we prefer him to use. We have just started the second bottle of Oscor . From your experience will I need to order more when this bottle is finished or do you recommend we take a break in the routine? Also I would really appreciate it if you could send us some more of the pamphlets on Osgood-Schlatter disease and Oscon. I would like to pass them onto my doctor who I know has patients with the same condition. He is an amazing doctor and I am sure would be happy to recommend this product based on our success.
Our address again is:
Debby S., Levin, New Zealand 5/24/2006

So good. My son Josh has been on the Oscon for 3 weeks now. It was about a week before he could say that the pain was noticably less. The bump is still present but does not hurt as much when pressed on. He has been kicked there since we started the Oscon and there did not seem to be any recurrent swelling or pain. He has suffered with this for about a year or so now. I'm glad to see that this may work.
Greg W., Farmington, New York, 5/22/2006

Greetings, Thanks for our speedy first order. We are about 3 weeks in (I think)... My son's pain is greatly reduced, eliminated completely on most days, but when very active a bit of pain. We are absolutely thrilled with your product. If you can believe it we still don't have a "diagnosis" yet from the x-rays of OS from the MD - he's been on holidays! But I'm positive that's what it is....I'm going to give him your brochure.......he's open minded thank goodness. This will be the medicine of the future.... I'm sad to think of all the kids in pain who could be helped by your product.
Thank you,
Rita in Stirling, Ontario, Canada 5/18/2006

I am really impressed with Oscon; I never thought my son would have any relief from his knee pain except to stop all sports activities. Thank You so much. What a great product!!
Valerie M., Old Forge, New York, 5/15/2006

I don't know if you remember talking to me last month about the Oscon. My son had a hard time taking it and you told me about the peanut butter thing. Then my husband called you and spoke to you and now he is swallowing his two pills at dinner and it's working for him. I just wanted to thank you and tell you that he is almost back to normal. It's been just about a month since he started taking the Oscon everyday and the last week or so, he has improved greatly. I am thrilled and wanted to let you know. I also really appreciate that you called and asked why I didn't order the Oscon when I ordered the other products. It opened up the discussion and changed a kid's life. We are on bottle number two now. How long should he continue to take it? Thanks again...Sodie will be 12 in August and very athletic. He is grateful that we found you! Thanks...please feel free to use us as a testimonial. We believe!
Best Regards,
Jill Johnson., Senior Vice President, , Carlsbad, CA. 5/12/2006

Gary~ I just got a phone call from a mom in California with a gymnast-daughter suffering from Osgood's. She said that she has spent significant time on the phone with you, but she was still hesitant as to whether or not the Oscon really works. I told her our story, and she'll probably be ordering. Please feel free to use our story! I'm happy to receive phone calls from skeptics (I was one at one time!), and help to turn them around to get them to try the product.
Just an update on our situation.........
Taylor went through two full bottles at the regular dosage. We were still having some sensitivity and minor swelling, so we did a third bottle taking one capsule every other day for the third month (so we still have just a few on-hand). Taylor doesn't have any problems now....she still has the tell-tale bumps on both knees from the Osgoods, but no problems or symptoms.
She had a wonderful season and set quite few gym records for high scores this year. She did repeat her Level 7 season since she wasn't able to tumble much during her first time around last year, and we're proud to say that she was the All-Around State Champion for Level 7 in her age group again this year. She'll be moving on to Level 8 now.
During her first Level 7 season (December '04-March '05), we had to water down her floor routine with only the simplest tumbling passes due to the Osgood's......then we finally discovered your product after the season was through. Taylor only tumbled one or two passes two days before a competition and never tumbled during practice due to the Osgood's. She had to settle for modified conditioning while everyone else worked floor. Despite her pain and extreme swelling, she was able to take the state championships in floor, vault and beam and also took the AA that year. This past season she repeated Level 7 since she didn't spend much time learning new skills during her 8-9 month Osgood's bout, but she had a bunch of Level 8 skills in her routines and her knees were never an issue. She repeated as the AA state champ and is a stronger gymnast. We no longer ice after practice and no longer apply heat before practice. Taylor also no longer wears ANY knee braces at all. Other than the bumps, you'd never know that she almost had to give up gymnastics due to her extreme pain and swelling in both knees before taking Oscon.

Donna Herto, RR4, Box E4C, Bruceton Mills, WV 26525

Mr. Nelson,
My name is Marsha Riders and in March 2006 I ordered your product for my 12 year son. He was suffering severely from Osgood-Schlatter Disease. I had read information regarding your product Oscon. Let Me Tell You!!!! I would not have believed it if I hadn't of tried it! Within two-three weeks of my son using your product he back to at least running again, not quite back to 100% but pretty darn close. Within that fourth week he was back to his normal running speed. Let me tell you a little about my son. He is an avid soccer player, perhaps the best in his age group in our community. When he began complaining of his legs really bothering him, I tried everything I could of, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, mentholatum rub, hot packs, cold packs even took him to the Drs and she stated to keep doing everything I was already doing and he would be fine with in a year to 18 months. Both he and I were almost in tears because he would be basically out of service and he just couldn't live with that idea. I found your product on line read about it and decided to give it a try. OH MY GOSH I am so sold on your product. I am telling every one I know about it. I have had calls from acquaintances and gave them information on your Oscon, have not heard back from them yet but I am waiting hear from them to see if they are sold on it!
Thank you so much for coming up with Oscon!!
Marsha R., Port Orchard, Washington, 5/2/2006

Hi Gary,
My daughter is feeling so much better, thank you! She has taken it two times a day and she is pain free right now. We will continue with Oscon once a day. Her "bump" is the size of a quarter and it has been very painful. Thank you for Oscon! I wish I had known about it for my older daughter!!!
Karen T., Cota de Caza, California, 5/1/2006

Just want you to know how thrilled my neighbor is with the results for her granddaughter..... She started the pills on a Thursday and the pain was relieved by Saturday afternoon in time for her Soccer Game ..... And she has had no pain since.... You have a satisfied customer, that is for sure, and my neighbor is a nurse and so is another daughter.... I am sure they will pass the word along some more....
Thanks for letting me know about your product so that I could pass the word on.... It works..... and my neighbor and her daughter and granddaughter are all pleased...
Doti Trayhorn, Troutdale, Oregon 4/28/2006

Hi Gary!
The product has worked wonders! There has been a noticeable improvement since he started taking the Oscon, however, he is still experiencing quite a bit of discomfort. Since he has only been on the treatment for 30 days, I think we should continue with it for at least another month and hopefully it will improve further. Unfortunately, I think he may be one of those cases that experience a higher degree of pain and inflammation (in both knees). The braces are working out well and they seem to help too. This affliction has definitely affected his activity levels and his degree of ability and mobility and we're hoping that it will not permanently affect his progress in the sport. Thanks again for your help and advice!
Linda E. Carlisle, Ontario, Canada 4/26/2006

The Oscon seems to be working great. She has stopped complaining of knee pain at games.......... Do you know why if Oscon works this well, pediatricians only recommend RICE and quitting sports? I am just curious since it does seem to work amazingly well, but nobody around here has ever heard of it?
Moira H., Clackamas, Oregon, 4/19/2006

Symptoms have improved immensely. Not gone, but much more manageable than before. Best thing we have found.
Toni S., Duncan, British Columbia, Canada 4/12/2006

Thank you. We had huge success in January with Oscon and as often happens when things start to improve significantly, we forget to take our medication. Andrew, my 12 year old who has Osgood Schlatters is nowhere near as bad as he was in 2005, but we just have the odd niggle and some days with sore knees. So I thought I would try to keep the dose regular for a couple of months. My sister's son also has O S so he is going to try this as well.
Kind Regards
Margaret J., Auckland, New Zealand, 4/10/2006

Dear Gary,
My daughter plays competitive basketball year round and is also a nationally ranked member of the USA Track and Field organization for her age division (she is also the national regional AAU champion in the high jump). Mid-way through the winter basketball season she developed a severe case of OSD. After playing games and after hard practices, she couldn't walk without limping. Because we have a world renowned orthopedic clinic in the area (I won't mention any names), I thought surely they can help. It was frustrating to find out that all they could recommend was the standard R.I.C.E. treatment (which we were already doing!) and potentially sitting out the remainder of the basketball season and potentially the outdoor track season. Because my daughter is very, very driven and motivated, not to mention highly competitive; the idea of sitting out a season made her more than just a little bit crazy! (Almost impossible to live with). That aside, being a Dad I didn't like seeing my daughter in this debilitating state, so I began to look at and research any and all other treatment options for her, and came across Oscon. I have to admit that I was skeptical; I thought it couldn't be that simple. But I figured that we didn't really have anything to lose because Oscon is in-expensive and consists of natural supplements. Within a week there was a very noticeable difference. At about 2 weeks into the treatment the only symptom was that the OSD bump was still a little tender to the touch, but she had no problem playing at her normal intense level, basically she could use her quads as much and as hard as she wanted without any OSD pain. And by the fourth week the OSD bump, which appeared to be smaller, wasn't even sore. OSCON IS EVERYTHING IT IS ADVERTISED TO BE!! THANKFULLY! my daughter can continue to play basketball throughout the year. She is an integral part of her team, which is on a 30 game winning streak and will be playing in an upcoming international tournament (her coach is also very happy). And she will be able to defend her title as state champion, and national regional AAU champion in the high jump; as well as compete in all of her other track and field running events. I speak for my daughter in saying that WE ARE VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND OSCON FOR ANY SUFFER OF OSD!!! A very special “Thank You” goes to any and all involved with advertising and making Oscon available!!!!!!!
Sincerely, Jeff 3/24/2006

Hello Mr. Nelson,
My order arrived in record time and my daughter was able to use the OS Short Sleeve bands at National Cup this weekend. She absolutely loved the bands. The bands were extremely comfortable, light weight, well constructed without being bulky and restricting range of motion of her knees like the other knee bands I've purchased since December when the tendonitis first started. I was pleasantly surprised not to hear complaints of displeasure but rather expressions of awe that she actually likes the products. Thank you for taking the time to correspond with me via email during my purchase. I have passed on your website address and my review of the items that I purchased to the parents of other girls on the team who are experiencing painful knees. Thank you again and have a wonderful evening.
Evette A., Tustin, California, 3/20/2006

Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. Both products have made a great improvement to our son’s soccer and rugby playing. We have taken your advice about tablets if no improvement with the knee pain we will be in touch. Very grateful all the way from Great Britain.
Yours in sport.
The Saunders family, Brighton, United Kingdom, 3/17/2006

I ordered Oscon for my son in 2004 and it was absolutely amazing. He was getting ready for 2 a days in football and was unable to run 2 feet because of the pain.
You rushed me an order and he started taking it a week before practice started. He was able to participate in everything that first week except for one session where he had to ride the stationary bike instead. It was incredible!
Since then I have made it one of my missions to seek out those who have these conditions and tell them about oscon. I even printed out your website info and gave it to our trainer at school and to those I find out are going through the same painful growing process my son went through. All that to tell you I believe in your product and what you have done to help so many kids…………………………
Thank you,
Linda G., Dallas, Texas, 3/14/2006

I tried out your product like you directed. Now I’m just taking one pill a day. The effect that the pills had was great. Before I couldn't squat weights, play basketball, or even go up simple stairs without my knee really hurting. But now I’m going out for track and squatting 180 lbs. Just wanted to say thank you for the pills and making them so affordable, it has really improved more then my sports life, it also helped my hunting and working at the farm also. So thanks again.
Nate R., Redwood Falls, Minnesota, 3/12/2006

I received the strap today. Thanks, and the OSCON really has made a difference in the Osgood Schlatter's in my son's knee.
Thank You,
Heather M., Alliance, OH, 3/4/2006

Hi Gary,
Thanks so much for the Oscon. My son is 16 years old and began showing signs of Osgood Schlatters disease about a year ago. I did some research and found your website and decided to try Oscon. Within a week he was almost totally pain free and was able to play without pain for approximately 9 months. The pain returned and we just recently purchased another bottle of Oscon and he is again free of pain.
I also purchased a bottle for a friend of his that has the same symptoms. I am hoping that he will have the same results.
Scott S., Seffner, Florida, 2/28/2006

Dear Gary, we have now received the sleeve - thank you. James is already reporting an improvement on his knee - the bump is not so tender - many thanks. In the UK they tell everyone there is no cure. Just rest - I am passing your details on to other parents.
Sara L., St. Edmunds, UK, 2/18/2006

This is the 2nd order we have filled for my grandson, who is 9 years old. He is very active in sports. The Oscon has helped ease his pain during sports. He now is playing pain free. Thank you.
Jonathan & Laura P., Lake Jackson, Texas, 2/18/2006

Hi Gary,
I ordered Oscon for my almost 14 year old son at the beginning of January. He hasn’t been 100% compliant in taking it twice daily, but we have seen a huge improvement.
My son is a very active boy…. He plays football then wrestling; he is a snow boarder and is taking Tae Kwon Do year round. When I ordered the Oscon, my son was just about ready to quit Wrestling due to the knee pain he was experiencing. He would call me after practice to ask to be picked up because he knee hurt so badly he didn’t want to walk anymore. But since reading about Oscon he decided to wait and see if it would help. Well, let me say that we are entering our last week of wrestling! My son even went to a tournament and took second place! His knee is a lot better. I only hear about any discomfort he is having when I ask, he is no longer bringing it up to me. (Which was every day?) I would say that he is about 85% improved! Another testament I have for you is when he went snow boarding after being on the Oscon for about 1 ½ weeks. He came home all excited because he could maneuver the board a lot better than before. He could do tricks and spins that his knee wouldn’t allow him to do just 2 weeks earlier! The joy on his face almost brought tears to my eyes! My son has struggled with his Osgood Schlatters knee problems for almost 4 years now, and finally there is something that helps!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
My questions for you are these. What is the typical length of treatment? (I have seen comments of 1 – 2 months on the website) Should I keep him on it another month? When will it be necessary to treat again?
Like I have said, he has been on it for about 1 month now. Not religiously, so we do have some pills left. His knee pain I would say is about 85% improved, still some pain and tenderness every now and then especially with more exertion but a lot better than before.
Thanks again!!!!
Kim H., LaGrangeville, NY, 2/6/2006

Thanks so much for calling last night and speaking with my husband. Your customer service goes above and beyond…I will definitely recommend your website and products for anyone that I run into with OS.
By the way, my son has a terrible gag-reflect so he can’t (or won’t because of fear now) swallow pills. That is why I didn’t order Oscon.
When he finally does begin to swallow pills, I will be ordering them.
Thanks again,
Barb S., Bemidji, Minnesota, 2/2/2006

ANSWER: Just FYI; Oscon has a liquid center that, mixed with peanut butter, is undetectable! There is no loss of efficacy either. Some use honey, jam or Hershey's syrup also. Just thought I'd let you know. Gary Nelson, Biochemist, Pediatric Sports Therapy

Your product is amazing!! My son has been on the oscon for only 5 days, and he has completely stopped complaining about his knee. I know this could just be a coincidence, but I highly doubt it! He is back to wrestling and the bump is gone! I really wasn't sold until NOW! Thanks so much!
Cheryl V., Loveland, Colorado, 1/19/2006

Thank you for your prompt response. I purchased this 3rd bottle to give to both my kids 1/day for the second month. My daughter's left knee has a knot almost the size of a golf ball below her knee cap. Will this knot decrease in size over time? She is playing Freshman Basketball in High School and Club Volleyball. She is very active with both games and practices 7 days a week and the OSCON has helped tremendously.
Is this genetic? I had Osgood in both my knees growing up. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Mike D., San Antonio, Texas, 1/14/2006

Hi, Think I'm through to the right person - Gary?
Anyway, my son David Down from near London in the UK suffered for 6 months with OS last year. We trailed around a number of Osteopaths/Physios/Doctors and were given the same advice - REST REST REST and possibly look at giving up judo - a sport which he took up 3 years ago and has done incredibly well at. As a 13 year old up and coming sportsman he was devastated and so we turned to the Web. After reading about OSCON we were a little sceptical but thought it worth a try. We were told that after a month he'd be back again doing judo (he couldn't even kneel on the mat for the customary "bow" at the beginning let alone do any high impact moves. We were told that after 2 months, the pain would probably be gone. As predicted, much to the judo coaches’ delight, David came back on the mat after a month. A month later he went on to win the SOUTH OF ENGLAND tournament at our International Arena Crystal Palace!!!! He now feels NO pain whatsoever (just 3-4 months after taking your advice) and I would happily become a distributor for this AMAZING product in the UK. I feel very passionately that we reach out to kids and those effected with this dreadful condition with this information.
Thank you once again - amazing! Please feel free to use any or all of the above in any promotional material. David continues to take 1 a day and I would therefore like to order 2 more jars of 60. I'm not sure if you still have my original card details but please call me and I will give the information to you over the phone (I think we are about 8 hours ahead of you so please don't go phoning in the middle of the night!).
Please send an email confirming you've received this.
Mrs. Dawn Down, Milton Keynes, UK 1/13/2006

This is my second shipment of Oscon. I got them for my 12 year old daughter. We were at our wits end as nothing seemed to help and some days the pain in her knees was so bad she couldn't even walk home from school. She used to dance 3 times a week and was in the school athletics team up until May of last year when the pain in her knees became so bad that she was just unable to carry on with these activities. We visited the Doctor on numerous occasions and each time we were told she had to 'wait it out' and give her painkillers. After the first month of taking Oscon the difference has been absolutely amazing. The pain is still there when pressure is put on the 'bump' but she is able once again to take up ballet and rejoin the athletics team and has even added the volleyball team to her list of activities. We cannot express our gratitude enough. She is back on track and enjoying herself again. Thank you so much.
Mandy C., Alberta, Canada, 1/7/2006

Shipment arrived on New Years Eve many thanks for that. I will keep you posted regards ongoing progress, but just wanted to say that improvement after 5 days have been unbelievable. He can now RUN instead of hobbling during his cricket bowling and batting. He generally does a lot of road running but we haven’t got back into this as yet as I don’t want to overdo it. Just to be able to play cricket again is fantastic! He has a 5 day cricket tournament starting on the Jan 8th. I will give you a progress report after that and also order some more. Once again, many thanks.
Kind Regards
Maggie J., Auckland, New Zealand 1/4/2006

I wanted to let you know that my daughter is already feeling relief in her knees, most likely from the Oscon!
She'd been complaining of pain on a regular basis the weeks preceding receipt of the Oscon. Actually she's been having a lot of pain since August. She was diagnosed with Genu Valgum (knock knee) which was obvious, and the Osgood Schlatter specifically on her right knee. She rides horses (English) regularly (almost daily) and the posting may have caused the tear due to gradual strain. She's ten and it remains to be seen if the genu valgum will correct itself a bit, but we have an appointment at Duke Hospital in February for their opinion, as the misalignment is putting such strain on her knees and ankles even.
It's difficult to see her in pain. Anyway, thanks for sending the Oscon, as it seems to be helping a lot for both conditions.
Candy R., North Carolina, 1/2/2006

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