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Thank you for getting the Oscon to me so quickly. I'm writing to let you know that I received the shipment on Monday 12/3/07. My son had a basketball game that night and I had no expectation that his knees would feel better after one dose, BUT THEY DID! He has been taking at least 200 mg of Ibuprofen and sometimes 600mg almost every day for the past month. He took some Ibuprofen before his game Monday night but only because I told him the Oscon would not have time to help him. I even wondered if the pain relief was due to the Placebo effect but decided it wasn't because he has been taking Ibuprofen without much relief. Thank you so much for putting this product together. My son can concentrate on playing instead of trying to avoid pain.
Jill S., Oak Ridge, Tennessee. 12/5/2007

Thank you for your excellent service. I have a question but first - my 12 year old daughter first showed signs of Osgood Schlatters in October/November last year when she complained of pain in her right knee and her performance was quite poor. In June she complained that she had pain in her left knee although the right knee wasn't quite as bad as it had been. She has been taking Oscon for over 2 weeks now. She is still complaining of pain however her performance has bounced back to where it was 12 months ago. Do you recommend that she take it for another month? She has been selected in a state team to compete in New Zealand in January and I don't want her going backward again especially since she is still experiencing some pain. I would really appreciate some advice.
Many thanks
Anne B., Nowra, New South Wales, Australia 11/29/2007

Dear Anne,
Often it does take two bottles of Oscon for complete resolution. You have three alternatives to using it.

  1. If any pain during activity is still present continue at 2/day for an additional month.
  2. If the pain resolves you can use the second bottle at 1/day for two months. That is the "maintenance/preventative dose" and will usually prevent recurrence.
  3. Keep it in reserve in case of a relapse.
(The tenderness on the typical "bump" may remain long after the active OSD is gone.)
Every case is unique, and you will be the best judge of the need for a second bottle. There is no downside to taking Oscon for extended periods of time, and a rare few have used it for many months in unusually severe cases.
Best regards,
Gary Nelson
Pediatric Sports Therapy

I talked to you a couple of times a few weeks ago about my son Alex Vitale, we live in NJ and he plays hockey. He has Osgood in knee and 8 months ago got it in his hip also and that shut him down. When I originally ordered 1 bottle you sent me 2. I don't know if that was a mistake or if after you spoke to me you thought he may need 2 and sent 2? After the first order I did order 2 more bottles and 2 braces for him. Thank You if you sent that thinking he may need a second. If you made a mistake feel free to put it on my credit card. Alex has been taking so far for 2 weeks today and I wasn't sure if he would see affect for a while because he has had it for 3 years in his knee. Last night after I picked him up after practice it's the first time he said he didn't feel any pain anywhere in three years. 2 weeks ago we were not even going to let him try out for HS because he could barely walk and had not been able to skate for 8 months. But Alex talked us into it and he skated through the pain of try outs 2 weeks ago and has made the HS Varsity team as a freshman. He is thrilled that he could still pull that off after not having skated for 8 months. He is now determined to show up all the seniors when he feels 100 %.( I have no doubt he will too) I hope his progress continues. But when I originally spoke to you and said "If this works I would be your biggest voice in NJ for this product". I was wondering if you could send me some of your brochures so I could put in hockey rinks all over NJ? I also spoke to Alex's physical therapist, who as a kid suffered also. She made it to Olympic training squad for gymnastics and then got osgood in her hip also, she would love to able to suggest your product. I already gave her one of the brochures you sent me and she may be calling. It would have been great if 6 months ago when I took Alex to her, if she could of suggested your product. I saw what my son went through and if you don't have a kid with it you just don't understand how frustrating it can be as a parent and a kid going through it. Please let me help make sure no other kid suffers as long as mine did. If you could send me some brochures that would be great. I still will be looking at every kid I see in a hockey rink or soccer field with a knee brace on and approach them about your product.....
I hope I continue to see improvement!
Thank You,
Laurie Vitale, 11/28/2007

p.s. Alex is the one in the middle holding up Middle School Championship trophy after scoring winning goal in both play offs and championship game. We are thrilled to have that Alex back!

I would just like to say that it was really wonderful to speak with you personally on the phone. You were very knowledgeable and reassuring in what I needed to do. My son Mitchell began taking the Oscon after almost a year of knee pain. He could barely get up the stairs without holding onto the railing and pulling himself up! He loves sports and with football approaching and basketball soon after that I knew I needed to do something. He is not a good pill taker but he does it (or squeezes out what's inside and takes it with applesauce). After the 6th day of taking Oscon he walked upstairs to go to bed and stopped at the top, turned around and looked at my husband and myself and said "That didn't hurt". I asked him, "What?" He repeated to me, "That didn't hurt...going up the steps". He looked amazed and I almost cried! Even he couldn't believe that it would work that fast. We finished the first bottle and it has been a month since he's taken any pills. The leg pain has returned, though not as severe. For that reason I have just ordered a second bottle. I will continue to order as many as it takes to keep him pain-free, or at least pain-reduced. Feel free to use this as a testimonial because it is really working for him and if anyone else can benefit by my words saying so, then use them. I am always willing to offer your information to anyone who asks and have given your address to one of my friends whose child is suffering with the same prognosis. Once again, thank you for developing such a wonderful product for young boys and girls!
Amy Binkley, Springfield, Ohio, 11/27/2007

Our son, Samuel, age 13, has responded very positively to the OSCON with the noticeable pain reduction within days and almost total improvement at about two weeks. When he presses on the 'bump' he can still feel it, but does not describe it as pain. Coincidently, he started taking the tablets the same week as the beginning of 8th grade basketball, so his activity level has been rigorous. How many additional months would you recommend he take the OSCON? I only wish I had done this sooner. Thanks.
Bart M., Wilmar, Minnesota, 11/15/2007

Hi Gary,
My son is pain free. He took his 1st capsule Friday night. He played his 1st bball tourney Sunday am. His speed is back, he is jumping high for rebounds etc and no-longer the last on the court. His pain rating is zero, (o-10). He doesn't want to wear his knee brace. I will call you today to talk to him that the brace goes hand in hand with Oscon. Follow-up: His knee pain started 5/07. But, he is pain free now Gary, On Sunday after his 1st game, his agility and speed totally dominated his team mates, his coach put him as the point guard for the remaining 3 games. His coach told me on our break that Gosh!, I didn't see this speed in Brodie before. I didn't say a word until I spoke to Brodie why he was running soooo fast and not hopping and dragging? He said "Mom, my knee doesn't hurt anymore." This AM he rated his pain at 2(0-10) and it most likely is because he didn't wear the brace. My friends have had their pain for over a year.
Thanks a lot
DOROTHY H., Colorado Springs, Colorado, 11/12/2007

Hi Gary,
Well, Kenny is in the final 2 days of basketball tryouts and his knees are feeling so much better. He almost didn't tryout because his knees were hurting so badly, and he is passionate about basketball. He got a serious case of pneumonia and is still getting his strength back but he is able to get in the defensive position and can push without sharp pain. Thank you so much for the 2nd round. We also found that taking it in the middle of the meal, as you suggested, helped his stomach handle it much better. If it starts flaring again, is another round the best route?
Katy C., Wentzville, Missouri, 11/8/2007

Hi Gary,
Thank you for your e-mail. We initially ordered Oscon last year when our 10 year old son was diagnosed with Sever's Disease. Your product is incredible. We were devastated when the pediatrician told us that this condition could go on for a few years and that the only thing we could do was to keep him off his foot, elevate it and put ice on it. He is a very active and athletic kid and to hold him down would be a nightmare. I ordered your product thinking it's only $22 and it's worth a try. When he started taking it, he could not even put his weight on his heel. In one week he was able to walk perfectly normal. There could be no better feeling than when he looked up at me and said, "Mom, that stuff really works!" I wish I could tell every mother in the world who has a child suffering from this condition that it really works, try it!!!!! He recently complained about his heel hurting and I wasted no time getting on your website and ordering another dose. I'm hoping a maintenance dose of one pill a day will knock it out before it gets to be a problem.
Thank you again for your wonderful product.
Tina R. Jacksonville, Florida, 10/31/2007

My daughter has been taking the Oscon for a little over two weeks and I am amazed at the results. Before taking Oscon she could hardly walk some days and the pain was intolerable. She practices every day and plays games at least once a week and it was becoming increasingly difficult for her to play effectively. She no longer limps off of the soccer field in tears at the end of practices or games. Motrin and ice packs are not necessary and she couldn't be happier. There is still a bit of residual pain, but I am confident that this will fade in the next two weeks. Do you think that she should continue with a second month and if so should she reduce the dosage?
Thank you for your product--it has made a tremendous difference in my daughter's life.
Diana A., San Antonio, Texas, 10/27/2007

We cannot thank you enough for Oscon. Our son was diagnosed with Osgood-Schlatter about month ago. He has been taking Oscon now for two weeks and his pain is totally gone. I will recommend this product to anyone that I come in contact with that suffers from this disease. Thank you so very much.
Leah R., Tecumseh, Oklahoma 10/16/2007

I am the mother of a 12 year old daughter who is very active in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and track. She is 5'7" tall and still growing. She has suffered with Osgood-Schlatter knee pain for the last 6 months. I came across your website for Oscon about 3 weeks ago and promptly ordered. I am writing to let you know that she has now been taking the Oscon for 2 weeks and we are seeing very good results! She still does have knee pain but it doesn't hurt as much and when she is at soccer practice her knee doesn't start bothering her until about 1/2 way through practice where as before, the moment that she began to run or be active, her knee would begin to hurt. We are thrilled at the results we are seeing and are hoping that, as she continues to take Oscon, her knee pain will completely disappear! I was wondering if Oscon would work on the pain caused by heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. What is your take on that?
Thanks again for Oscon! I will keep you posted on her progress.
Robi B., Denver, Iowa 10/12/2007

Hello. I read your testimonial on-line. Is this stuff for real? I too have a daughter, 13 years old, level 7 gymnast with OSD. I'd love to speak with you - phone or email.

Yes, it is for real. I whole-heartedly recommend this supplement for the treatment of Osgood Schlatter's---without any hesitation......truly. My husband is a chiropractor and we do not take any medications in our household. None of my children have ever had an antibiotic--except once for pinkeye--nor do they use any type of medication, as we treat everything with natural means only. We were extremely hesitant to use this product at first, but I also had my husband research the ingredients thoroughly. In his research, he found that the quantities of the selenium (derived from Brewer's Yeast---a very safe source) and Vitamin E were safe for a child. These are the main ingredients; the others are gelatin, glycerin, carob extract, water, silica and titanium dioxide. The standard treatment is rest away from the activity. An alternative treatment is with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory pills such as Advil or Motrin (ibuprofin products). My daughter did not want to do the first; my husband and I were opposed to the latter. Our last resort was to try Oscon...I wish we had done so sooner! Taylor was affected for nine long months before we ever tried Oscon, and she had it in both knees. As a competitive gymnast practicing 16 hours every week--year round--not being able to tumble or run was holding her back. She was in excruciating pain after every practice. We would apply heat for 30 minutes before every practice and ice for 30 minutes after every practice and use a cream called BioFreeze (rub-on icing agent) to attempt to numb the area during practices. None of this really helped. After contacting the developer of Oscon numerous times for questions and reassurance, we finally tried it. Our results were amazing. We did have to use two full bottles for COMPLETE resolution of ALL pain and swelling when she was active in her sport, but we did see early results after only two weeks. The progress just built onward from there. As a precaution, I ordered a third bottle when she was half-way through her 2nd bottle. I figured we'd just use it for "maintenance" if the pain returned. We've used about half of it, and it still sits in the back of our vitamin cabinet. A few years later, she still has the tell-tale bumps left on both knees from having such a severe case of Osgood's in both knees, but there is no pain, and she is able to do gymnastics like she never even had it. Again. I recommend it without hesitation. I have a testimonial on the Oscon website because I truly believe in this product based on how it helped to heal my daughter and get her back to her sport in no time. Please know that I get nothing from the company in return. I receive an e-mail or phone call from a parent about every two weeks, and I tell each of them to please try the product, as I am sure it will help their child just like it helped mine. If you'd like to phone me, I'd be more than happy to speak with you about the product further. I do understand your hesitation and skepticism, as I was once in that same spot. After research and learning that this is a very safe vitamin supplement and not a drug, I felt we had nothing to lose in trying it. Again....I really wish we had done so sooner. Best wishes.........try it. Your child will appreciate it greatly, and you will probably be done with this issue in no time! Let me know of your results! FYI......Taylor is now just shy of 14 with NO knee issues. She was our AA state champion in level 7 two years in a row. Last year, she was our AA Level 8 champion and placed 18th AA at regionals. She'll be doing Level 8 again this year with some harder skills in her routines. Other than her bumps on both knees, there is no sign of Osgood's.
Best wishes!
~Donna Herto
Donna Herto
RR4, Box E4C
Bruceton Mills, WV 26525

My son took Oscon 2 years ago for Osgood-Schlatter and it seemed a miracle! Literally 2 weeks into it and he was pain free. Playing football, basketball and wrestling was extremely painful before. My daughter who plays soccer and played fastpitch then took Oscon when she was diagnosed with it. She had the same results. We are ordering it again because although my son just turned 18 he has been experiencing extreme pain in the side of his knee. The tenderness and weakness seems the same and we were told that it is almost the same as osgood, only it is in the tendon that attaches the thigh muscle through the knee on the side. . .the doctor said he is probably going to hit another growth spurt. He is playing football right now and I am hoping we have the same results this time. I would really like to have multiple brochures on oscon. It is amazing to me how well it works and how little people are aware of it - I would like to help spread the word!!!
Hoping for a second-third miracle!
Amy L., Centralia, Washington, 9/19/2007

Thank you so much Gary. I was really skeptical yet desperate to find something for our daughter's severs. She was limping almost every day. She had hurt it fencing almost 3 months ago and by August, the Dr. had told us she had Sever's. She was in a lot of pain and resting didn't seem to help. She's been taking it for the last 2 1/2 weeks along with wearing the heel cups and the symptoms have definitely been alleviated; she hasn't been limping, and on a whole, a much happier girl. (Now all I need is to have you make a chewable form! She's not the best with swallowing vitamins. :-) (Comment: The liquid contents in Oscon may be mixed with foods!)
Thank you once again!
From a very appreciative family,
Kim, Valley Center, CA., 9/2/2007

Dear Gary
Thanks for your reply. Oscon is nothing short of a miracle. My daughter felt an improvement on day one of taking it. On day 2 she was pain free. My husband can't believe it. In fact, when I had first showed him the Oscon website he suggested that he could sit down and write all those testimonies in an afternoon. Although I did find one discrepancy in the testimonies, I felt that they had the ring of truth about them and I had no doubt that Oscon would work. I am very glad that you included all those testimonies on your website because I would not have bought the Oscon (and my daughter wouldn't be where she is now) if I hadn't read all the testimonies. When I first saw Oscon, I immediately discounted it as something to try. But as I read through the testimonies, I realised that here was something that could work. It is as amazing as an antibiotic - the patient is immediately better when they take it!! (Note: Recovery times do vary. It usually takes more than one day) Oscon has saved our family from months of stress and misery. My daughter's Olympic dreams may have ended. There is no way that my daughter could have coped with the workload expected by the High Performance coaches with the amount of pain she was in. She would have been absolutely devastated.
Thank you for your truly amazing, remarkable product.
Judy B., Mudgeeraba, Queensland, Australia, 9/2/2007

Thanks for the advice and tablets, they worked an absolute miracle. Troy went from a kid hardly able to walk 4 weeks ago because of the pain around his knee to being able to enjoy his athletics carnival held at school today. He was a little sore in the legs after the exercise so I gave a nice massage before bed. I am ordering another bottle for him to take as there is only a few left and the leg still has a little pain.
Once again thanks
Ron B., Perth, Australia, 8/31/2007

Hi Gary
Our son was diagnosed with Severs in the middle of the Basketball and Football season last year, he was 12 at the time and incredibly active. Aside from that he had had a huge growth spurt and was growing before our eyes. I found out about Oscon on the internet and decided to give it a go. Our son took the supplement and combined with massage and stretching noticed a reduction in pain in about 2 weeks. He is not someone who would miss out on his sport so he continued to play just as hard as before, and completed the season without missing a beat. This year he is having knee pain and has been told it could be Osgood-Schlatters, so we thought we would get on to the Oscon straight away. He has Grand Finals in both Football and Basketball coming up over the next few weeks and is in the middle of Athletics training. I am hoping the Oscon will be just as successful in treating the knee pain as it was his heel pain. Will keep you posted.
Thank You
Mary L., Perth, Western Australia, 8/28/2007

The Oscon has really helped my son. He actually can play soccer again without tears and limping! The only concern I have is that when he stopped taking the Oscon (after the recommended two bottles) the pain came back in about a month. I ordered more, which is fine with me. I just want to make sure that it is ok to keep him taking the Oscon if he has exceeded the two bottle recommendation. (Answer: it is perfectly safe for extended periods of time.)
Lauren K., Houston, Texas, 8/22/2007

I must admit that I was a little apprehensive about the authenticity of the claims boasted on the website, but as everyone stated IT WORKS GREAT! My daughter is a gymnast and was in pain for months before we had been able to find your product. Only a few days and the pain was gone, About two weeks later it came back with only about 1/2 of the intensity, so we ordered another order and "piggybacked" a little Motrin. By the end of the second order we are hoping that this will be all in the past. So far so good!! Thanks for your great product.
Dennis M., Fletcher, North Carolina, 8/16/2007

I just wanted to tell you about Jake's knee's after football practice today - NO PAIN! My son said Thank You! I knew it would work but not that fast! He used the Oscon the day we received it on Saturday and used the knee braces today. He had friends stay all weekend and played the whole time so I wasn't sure how today's practice would go. Anyway, thanks again!
Kristie M., Biggs, California, 8/13/2007

We have completed one bottle twice a day and it caused a great improvement for my son. Since this is the second bottle we will proceed with 1 per day unless his symptoms recur, in which case we will try another course of twice daily. The bump is still painful to the touch, but he hasn't had to curtail his activity level which is important because sports are very important to him. What a relief to find something that helps. I was uncomfortable with him taking Advil every day and still suffering.
Nikki V. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, 7/27/2007

Dear Gary,
We ordered these straps and the oscon for our daughter 6 month ago and she has seen a major improvement. We ran a 10 mile run yesterday on a steep Ski mountain and I couldn't make it down due to some meniscus pain in my right knee. She borrowed me one of her straps and I didn't feel another pain or twinge and made it down the mountain beautifully. I am sold on your straps. I ordered one right away last night. These should be promoted for other Knee problems too. They work so great. Thank you so much for helping me and my daughter to enjoy the pleasures of running and not the pain.
Yours sincerely Andrea and Julie, Silverthorne, Colorado 7/19/2007

Hi- I ordered your product last fall for my daughter, a gymnast, who had severe Sever's disease. She had not been able to tumble for 4 months. Three days after beginning to take Oscon, she began to feel better. Within a week, she was back to almost normal activity. We had thought that she would miss her whole competitive season, but she went on to Level 9 State and Regional Championships. It was amazing how well this product worked. I have recommended it to three other girls in the gym who have had problems with Sever's or Osgood Slatters and it has worked for them as well. Plus the podiatrist my daughter was seeing for her Sever's has recommended it to several patients all with great results. Please feel free to post this on your web-site as a testimonial. I feel like more gymnasts need to know about your product since Sever's and Osgood Slatter's is so common among them. Our Booster Club, a non-profit organization, hosts three gymnastics meets a year, with about 50-75 gymnasts at each meet. We have programs that we sell at the meets. I was wondering if you would be interested in running an ad in our program. Ad prices range from $25 for a business card size to $200 for a full page (8.5 X 11).
Thanks for such a great product.
Anne V., San Luis Obispo, CA 7/18/2007

well have to say i ordered the oscon and strap thinking it couldnt possible work that well and that quick... my son developed osgood schlatters 3 months ago, he does martial arts jujijsu, basketball and generally if he not on a mates trampoline hes up a tree in the woods. he was devastated with his os diagnosis so was i. as a nurse i was under the same impression as everybody else r.i.c.e mmmeee that works to ease the pain a little but as soon as he started walking around it was back and the knee was "giving way" as ollie put it. i went on the os sites cos as a nurse i just needed to know more, and on one of the english sites someone had suggested trying oscon they just put magic nest to the name, so i investigated further..... how glad we are that that man put magic, it really works, my son has had 1 week so far of 2 a day and he went on the trampoline for the first time in months yesterday, no pain no giving and no complaining when he woke this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the strap is wonderful, he has now gone back on the mat and is able to knee on the mat and continue his training. hes a new kid, he was so down and so fed up....... thankyou for giving my son his life back... anyone with a child with osgood schlatters will know what i mean..... i will recommend your product to anyone i come into contact with both in my role as a nurse and social life. it really does work....
tracie r., Sheffield, England, 7/16/2007

Gary: This is the second shipment of Oscon that we have ordered from you, and I thought you might appreciate some feedback from us on our daughters' progress. Her Osgood-Schlatter pain has significantly been reduced since beginning of Oscon. She has less pain after basketball exercise, and ball handling and jumping drills seem to be easier for her to tolerate for longer length of tournaments, her stamina seems to be greater because of less stress from reduced pain. We believe that the Oscon treatment, while not completely removing her symptoms, has certainly shown itself to be worthwhile as an ongoing treatment for her. She is a 13 year old female, 5'8" and 116 pounds. We will probably be ongoing customers as long as the Osgood-Schlatter symptoms are present.
Thank you.
Terry and Claire S., Blue Springs, Missouri, 7/10/2007

Thank you so much for this product, it worked exactly as advertised and even faster for my daughter, within 1 week she was telling me her heel pain was gone! So much so that she participated in a 2 day weekend tumble camp and then the very next day participated in a week long soccer camp, ALL without any heel pain that plagued her all thru her winter cheer/tumble season and spring soccer season. It was really like magic, and we are so grateful and thankful. I have already passed the word to others who suffer from OS and severs. Just wanted you to know you have another satisfied little 7 year old tumbler and soccer player (and mom).
Sincerely, Heather M., Manassas, VA, 7/9/2007

Hi Gary,
I would like to tell you how Oscon has worked. I bought it for my daughter's Osgood-Schlatter's (16 y/o soccer player with young bone age) She was improved but was only on it a few days before she had soccer workouts 3 days in a row for 2 weeks. She was able to play with pain but complained much less. Now she's got a break and will use it a week or two before starting her fall conditioning. NOW, I used it s/p total knee replacement. I have had swelling since the surgery since I am unable to use NSAIDS. My only help is ice & elevation. My surgery was 11/29/06 and I went back to work as an RN after 3 months, still with lots of swelling. I started the Oscon June 1st and within about 7-8 days had such a dramatic change for the better. I'm probably 80% LESS swollen consistently, walk much better and have iced less without even thinking about it. THANK YOU for this product. I will share this with my Surgeon so he can offer this to patients who cannot use NSAIDS.
Judy S., RN, Washougal, Washington, 6/20/2007

My son is 13 and started taking the Oscon about 2 weeks ago, since then he started running again, sprints training for football and has had no heel pain. I am very pleased as his heels have been hurting for over a year, nothing else we have tried had given him any relief.
Steve L., Norco, California, 6/22/2007

Amazing, after few weeks taking Oscon, the pain in my son's knee is completely gone! He started his second bottle, can he stop taking it now? Many many thanks, from a broken kid he can smile again and does the thing he loves most: Soccer.
Gary, thanks!
Martin V., Den Haag, Netherlands, 6/15/2007

Mr. Nelson,
Thank you for the timely shipment of the Oscon. My daughter was diagnosed with Severs Disease over a week ago and began taking Oscon the very day it came in the mail. She is 10 years old and is in her third year of competitive AAU basketball and also plays fast pitch softball. After one day of taking the Oscon, my daughter was able to play a complete basketball game without pain and discomfort. (NOTE: This is an unusually fast response. Five days is more typical.) Three days prior, she could not finish a practice without hurting and having to sit down. I am truly grateful for Oscon as is my daughter's coach.
Thank you.
Lori B.
Quality Assurance Analyst, Family and Social Services Administration, Division of Technology Services, Columbus, Indiana, 6/11/2007

Dear Gary
I just wanted to give you some feedback about our recent purchase of Oscon. I purchased it for my 12 year old daughter who had been diagnosed with Osgood Schlatters Disease. She had been training extremely hard and was involved in quite a lot or representative sport. When we had her diagnosed she was in a great deal of pain and unable to participate in any sport as she could no longer run, only severely limp. I must admit I was extremely skeptical about purchasing Oscon but decided to give it a go. I can tell you I am so impressed with your product that I have told most people that I would strongly recommend it. My Daughter Tayla has taken the full month supply of Oscon and we first noticed a difference after about 5 days, every day thereafter was a slight improvement. After approx 2 weeks, all signs of Tayla's limp had disappeared and she is now back to playing all the representative sport she had been previously playing - less the limp. We would say she has made a full recovery. Your product really works and I would be very happy to tell anyone how good Oscon is.
Many Thanks,
Suzie R., Wagga Wagga, Australia, 6/10/2007

My 14 year old son finished his 30 day treatment this past Sunday, May 20, 2007. It is such a relief to watch him run normally again after months of hobbling around. I've told many people about your product and will continue to do so. Only parents of kids with problems like mine has experienced can fully appreciate the significance of your product. I thank you for what you've done for my son.
Chris P., New Bern, North Carolina, 5/22/2007

Hi Gary,
Our son is able to play hockey again after using Oscon. He took one tab twice daily with food for the first month and he purposely stayed off the ice during this month of treatment. We are comparing this to the RICE approach that we first tried and experienced zero success-----James ended up on crutches after an hour of skating following the 3 weeks of RICE only. Hockey tryouts were held 2 consecutive days this weekend with one more night to go this week so the Oscon was a real lifesaver for him. He wears the 3" OS strap faithfully every day; takes the Oscon as directed; uses the elevator instead of the stairs at school; has revised gym class so the knee would not be stressed. We are so thankful to have found Oscon. I asked the knee specialist if he had ever heard of Oscon and he said "Nothing works------what is it?" How come he does not know about it? We plan on switching James to one tablet per day for 30 days once the first bottle is empty. What should we do after that?
Thank you!!
Pam L., Fox Point, Wisconsin, 5/21/2007

Hi Gary, I wrote to you back in January I think regarding my daughters ankle pain etc., and what I thought was Severs. She had just won the State Championship, turned 9 and all this pain started when she tumbled. You were great emailing me and offering to talk to me personally on the phone. We also made a visit to our doctor, who is an MD but first and foremost, our homeopathic doctor. He has been my daughter's doc since she was born. He now has the entire team Seattle Seahawks as sports patients, as well as some of the AZ Cardinals and AZ Diamondbacks. My point being he is familiar with sports injuries. I told him I had ordered your product and he said that was great, he was familiar with it and said it was a good product. It worked great for my little one, within in 10 days the pain was gone, and after a month she was totally tumbling again. Her feet grew 2 sizes too; they haven't grown in 2 years. There are several other girls at the gym that suffer from Severs, and the parents just give them Advil or some other painkiller. NOT NECESSARY! I am so thrilled with what your product did for my daughter, as is she.
Tracy & Jordan, Glendale, AZ, 5/16/2007

Hi Gary:
I wanted to first thank you for your great product which has helped my son tremendously. From almost not being able to walk, missing school and adding pounds, he is getting back to himself; being active, happy and a great soccer player. It took 2 month to get back to this point and he's almost there. We're so grateful since I know for a fact he wouldn't have been where he's at now if it hadn't been for the Oscon pills. My question to you is, how long can/should he keep taking the pills. Although his bump on his knee is almost gone, I feel he's not quite there yet. Will the condition return once he stops? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you again,
Cecile C., Santa Barbara, California 5/7/2007

Just an FYI below from another parent seeking out info on Oscon from me.......... I get a phone call or e-mail about every two weeks on the product. I tell them all to use it. Taylor is doing great! No signs of any issues ever there other than the left-over bumps. Taylor just took the West Virginia Junior Olympic All-Around title in her level and age for the third year in a row, so gymnastics is also going well!
Donna Herto
RR4, Box E4C
Bruceton Mills, WV 26525

Thank you for your note. This is my second order of the OSCON. I did not realize however, that the dosage was 2x/day for the 1st bottle. My daughter is 10-years old and is a competitive all-star cheerleader. Her symptoms developed literally overnight. She was in so much pain it was difficult to walk, much less tumble. I just happened to come across your website in desperation, looking for information on this dilapidating disease. It was the week before a major cheer competition, so I decided to give OSCON a try. Literally within the first couple of days the pain was gone after taking only one OSCON per day. She was able to complete each of her tumbling passes with ease and no pain after. We have continued the 1x/day dosage for the last 30 days. She is MUCH better and continues to tumble with no pain. Recently she was assigned to a very high-level squad where she must do a great deal of standing tumbling and must do fulls and double fulls as part of her running tumbling passes. Her knee has been sore after the first couple of practices. More so than in the past. Should I increase her dosage to 2x/day, even though she's been on only 1x/day for the last month? I am so thankful that I found your product. My daughter was faced with the decision of leaving cheer altogether and now can jump and tumble like never before!
Thank you!!
Darla W,. Edmond, Oklahoma 3/28/2007

Hi Gary!
I just wanted to thank you and let you know what great success we had with Oscon! My son is 11 years old and was having severe pain in his knee. We saw an Orthopedist who ordered an MRI, but found nothing. They wanted us to see a Rheumatologist, but when I read the list of symptoms of Osgood-Schlatters disease, I was sure that is what he had. I asked the Orthopedist about this, he said that my son did not have it... I was so sure that is what he had that I gave him the Oscon anyway. It was just as you said... in about a week all symptoms have disappeared... after the full 30 days he is 100% No knee pain at all.
Thanks again!!
Diane Ehrlich., Amherst, New Hampshire 3/6/2007

Hello Gary,
All I can say is THANK GOD FOR OSCON!!! My daughter is an 11 year old gymnast competing Level 7, and this being her second occurrence of severs. Many of the Ortho doctors I have taken her to do not understand that during season "there are no breaks". She was in a tremendous amount of pain. Her coaches telling her to suck it up and me as a mother seeing her child in all that pain was killing both of us. So after icing after meets and practices and still reducing practice time it was still not enough. I decided to do my own Internet research and I am so pleased to have found your product. I believe it was about 2 weeks that the pain did start to reduce. She still had the pain so I bought an ankle sleeve with a heel insert sewed into it (it is call a Cheetah, purchased from the 10.0 catalog a gymnast catalog). That helped with the pounding to the heel during practice. I also purchased heel inserts call Heel Seats. At day 30 after practice she has stated she has no more pain. We will continue to do the 2/day treatment for another month to make sure she will be fine for her State Competition. I have already recommended the product to another gymnast at the gym and she is on her first week of taking the product. I think it may take her a little longer to feel the benefits, but I keep telling them to be patient it will come! I forwarded your pamphlet to our coach for other gymnast that may require the benefits of Oscon.
Thank you;
Sherri S., Streamwood, IL 2/21/2007

Mr. Nelson,
I apologize for not recognizing the purchase. This purchase was money well spent for our son's comfort. We can't thank you enough! I've already called to reverse the dispute, so sorry for the inconvenience. It was nice speaking with you. All of your hard work has helped so many children, it must be very gratifying! Thank you for your wonderful supplement. As I told you on the phone, our son's pain was keeping him from P.E. and caused him great pain on the downhill side of a 2000 elevation hike, where he had to use two hiking sticks and was leaning so heavily on them that he had blisters on both hands! After your supplement he has resumed P. E. and looks forward to trying out for the track team. He also recently completed a 10 mile hike over rugged terrain with his Boy Scout troop, pain free! We will happily recommend this supplement to anyone we encounter with this type of affliction.
Connie C., King City, California, 2/13/2007

Thanks, this is a second order following advice given by you over Xmas period. My son had a bit of a relapse after a period of inactivity and had to go back on full dose. He is great again now but letting him stay on full dose for a while, more for his mental state of mind than for his legs. Will drop him down to 1 a day in near future.
Thanks for the advice and great product.
Doug L., Thornton Cleveleys, United Kingdom, 1/28/2007

Hi Mr. Nelson,
This will be our second bottle of the vitamins. I spoke with you a month or so ago about my son, who has osgood-schlatter and ischial apophysitis. The knee strap really helps his knee and the vitamins have reduced his pain tremendously. I would not have believed the vitamins would have helped, but they have, and I am pretty skeptical when it comes to stuff like this but my son was having so much pain and no relief with any treatments from physical therapy, etc. I decided to try the Oscon. Everyone is happy--especially him. He's 15, 6'4" and a starter on the JV basketball team. Our physical therapist has asked for info on them so I am giving him the web address.
Thanks again,
Mary Lou Mc., Brookville, Pennsylvania, 1/22/2007

Thank you for the Oscon. Yes, I would like to give you some feedback and ask information of you. I ordered this for my 13 yr. old son who is involved in comp. soccer. I am a sports medicine physician and I cover our local high school athletes as well as many patients involved in many kinds of sports. I also have 7 sons involved in sports, 4 of whom are still at risk for these types of problems (O.S., apophysitis, etc.) and I treat many young athletes for these diagnoses. As you know, this is very common and can be sidelining for them. I believe Oscon helped my son a lot, though admittedly I was treating with the standard things as well, but I am sure his recovery was shortened and improvement considerable after we started Oscon. He had been dealing with it for 2-3 mos. without complete relief and now is doing much better. I would then like to ask if you will send me some information about Oscon and can I purchase some in larger numbers of 1 month supplies at a reduced price for my patients. I would also like some more to have for my sons and/or for recurrence.
Thank You, Dr. Todd F., Utah. 1/17/2007
P.S. If you need a "distributor" or if I can be of any assistance I would like to participate. I was at the frustration point with my son as soccer is his passion and I believe that Oscon was the turning point to allow him to play again.

Hello Gary
My name is Kim Blackman, my daughter tried your product at the end of last summer after a VERY difficult year in gymnastics. Earlier last year she had Sever's disease, which was treated successfully with traditional methods including RICE as well as physical therapy. Not long after that her knees began to really hurt her. Her competition season was marked with many injuries due to her knees as well as many scratched events. As camp nurse last year for Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to dispense Oscon to a young gymnast whose story was oh so familiar to me! When I asked her about the product she raved about it. At the end of the week I approached her Mom about it and she encouraged me to try it. Well, we did! Last September we started it, My daughter required two courses, but she did see improvement after only a week or two as was reported. After the two courses she was close to 100% better! She went back to full participation soon after and has been 100% better this year! Thank you so much for your product, without it, I truly believe she would have quit the sport! feel free to post my testimonial! I have recommended your product so many times to gymnasts as well as soccer players!
Kim Blackman
Colchester, CT., 1/13/2007

Gary, The first bottle worked like a charm. My daughter can finally run and jump without pain again.
Thanks so much
Julie W., Otsego, Michigan, 1/11/2007

Thank you for your response. The recurrence is about 4 months after he finished the full month of 60 tablets. He has grown quite a bit in the past year and past few months. It took about 2 weeks for his knees to get better during the first bottle and close to 4 weeks for minimal pain when running. He had been in severe pain for months so we were very pleased with the results.
Lisa C., Edmond, Oklahoma, 1/6/2007

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